Halloween-Costumes-IdeasAre you looking for a Halloween costume that rock? Halloween is the only festival that let you wear whatever you want without worrying about anyone laughing or thinking you are crazy. Halloween is an annual celebration that let you be whoever you wish to be for one night.

Every year, a lot of people look forward to new Halloween costumes as they want to look different and cooler than last year. And because there are more Halloween costumes and accessories for adults, kids and infant to choose from yearly that makes dressing up exciting. However, it is not easy choosing the perfect Halloween costume for a party and trick-o-treating, this is why I have compiled some of the popular costumes to help you pick a costume this year.. image:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/


Halloween Costume Ideas

As I have said awhile ago, there are many costumes for both adults and kids to choose from nowadays. So, if you are wondering what to wear this Halloween for trick-o-treating, maybe the following costume ideas can help you decide.

1.Adult Halloween Costumes, Adult Halloween Costume

The Halloween tradition of wearing costumes are no longer just for kids, so it is no longer surprising that there are many adult Halloween costumes online and offline. And the reason why you can always find a costume that show off your sexiness and attitude.

a. Mens Halloween Costumes

Men have a lot of options when it comes to costumes as they can go as superheroes or villain, or maybe as Beetlejuice, a devious and obnoxious ghost. The best thing about being Beetlejuice this Halloween is that you can buy ready-to-wear Beetlejuice Halloween costume because of the character popularity. Beetlejuice is an American horror comedy film directed by Tim Burton. It was shown in 1988 starring Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice, the funny ghost that tries to scare people who invade his territory or home.

mens halloween costumeimage :http://www.morteonline.com.br/

b.Womens Halloween Costumes, Halloween Costumes for Women

Women just like men also have a lot of options when it comes to Halloween costumes. For example, women can dress up as “Little Red Riding Hood” a smart little girl that outwit the big bad wolf. Little Red Riding Hood maybe a little girl according to the story, but who says you cannot pretend to be one especially with a sexy little red cap and dress.

 halloween costume for women

Kids Halloween Costumes, Halloween Costumes for kids

halloween costumes for kidsChildren have a wild imagination that always gets them into trouble. Fortunately, there is one night out of a whole year that they can pretend and even become a bit mischievous as Halloween is a day for kids. This halloween, you can be mischievous again especially when you dress up in your favorite or the latest Halloween costume like Scream costumes considered as one of the best Halloween costumes. The Scream Halloween costume has been a major hit amongst kids and teenagers because of the American slasher film directed by Wes Craven. This Halloween costume can definitely scare anyone, making it a perfect kids Halloween costume.

Halloween Costumes for Teens

teens halloween costumesTeenagers love to party during Halloween, which is why most are concerned with the latest trends. If you are, also one of the many teens excited for this year Halloween parties and wondering what the hottest Halloween costumes is, keep in mind that costumes inspired by movies such as Pirate of the Caribbean, Green Hornet and more are always fantastic costumes. But of course, you can stick to the classic devil and angel costumes with a twist.

Infant Halloween Costumes, Newborn Halloween Costumes

newborn halloween costumeInfant Halloween costumes are often cute, comfortable, and warm to wear, making them great for newly born.  Infant or newborn Halloween costumes are suitable for ages 3 -6 months only and come in cute designs.

Baby Halloween Costumes, Halloween Costumes for Babies

Animal Halloween costumes are perfect for crawlers, especially spider costume like the one below:infant halloween costume

Toddler Halloween Costumes, Halloween Costumes for Toddlers


halloween costumes baby

or cute?

toddler halloween costumes

Both are great halloween costumes in my opinion…

Family Halloween Costumes

Addams Family Halloween Costumes are popular during Halloween, even considered as classic by most people as the characters headed by the patriarch Gomez Addams, the Matriarch Morticia Addams, Uncle Fester, and Wednesday just perfect for any household that wish to look good together this Halloween.

family halloween costumes

Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costumes

If you hate goth costumes for halloween then why not consider an Alice in Wonderland theme? 


Scary Halloween Costumes

halloween costume for women


scary halloween costume

Mexican Halloween Costume

mexican halloween costume

 El Terriblemexican halloween costumes

Mad Hatter Halloween Costume

mad hatter costumeMad Hatter Halloween costume is alternative to traditional Halloween costumes of vampires and witches. The Mad Hatter character can be easily achieved without spending a lot as most of the things you need can be found in your closet. Take note, you only need two item to be a Mad Hatter, first is the the wig-hat and second the tie, any color will do.

Zombie Halloween Costumes

People are always a sucker for a good zombie movie, no wonder most of the film such as “Dawn of the Dead”, “28 Days Later”, “Residents Evil” and “Walking Dead” are well received. This Halloween expect to see a lot of people as zombies in parties because everyone is afraid of the zombie apocalypse.

zombie halloween costume

Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

Poison Ivy is a fictional character, created by Robert Kanigh to be the primary enemy of Batman. Poison Ivy is a popular Halloween character as the villainess can bend anyone to her will with just a kiss.

poison ivy halloween-costume

Kim Kardashian dressed up as Poison Ivy on a Halloween party she hosted in New York. 

Vampire Halloween Costumes

Vampire Halloween costumes have long been a favorite of kids and adults as most of the time, you only need a good cape and fang to look like a vampire

vampire halloween costume

Devil Halloween Costumes

devil halloween costume

Pirate Halloween Costumes

pirate halloween costumeChoosing to be a pirate this coming Halloween is a great idea and best pirate Halloween costumes perfect for parties all year round. The Pirate Halloween costumes are popular as the character in the film from Captain Jack Sparrow to the ugly octopus can make the halloween parties wilder.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Being plus size is not a problem with cool plus size halloween costumes like the one below;

plus size halloweeen costume

Pregnant Halloween Costumes

best halloween costume

Best Halloween Costumes

For my best halloween costumes, tan da ra da (drum rolls)

best halloween costume celebrity

Heidi Klum Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Image Source

Scary, definitely one of the best halloween costumes last year…


Image Source

This is a great halloween costume idea even if not really scary… Thumbs up for the good work! best halloween costumes

Image Source

Funny Halloween Costumes

Funny and cute, I love this halloween costume idea…

funny halloween costume

Image Source

Dog Halloween Costumes

Gone are the days when only people celebrate Halloween as even pets get to dress up and look nice. These days, many Halloween costumes for dogs of all sizes are readily available for your furry friend that you can buy online and offline, giving you a lot of option.

Turn your dog into spidey, a popular insect during halloween 

halloween dog costume

or a freaky booby dog

halloween costume


 or maybe a sea dog

halloween costume dog

whatever you decide, your pet will love you even more when you dress them up as well this coming halloween. 

Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source

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