halloween vampire makeupHalloween is the second most celebrated holiday in America. This is the time when both adults and children get too dressed up in weird costumes, eat lots of chocolate candy bars, party hard and walk around the neighborhood trick-o-treating.

Halloween, the second most successful commercial holiday, is popular because a lot of people are fascinated with the unknown. In fact, the popularity of Halloween is evident every year as many restaurants and bars, schools, offices and other organization have costumes parties. A week before Halloween day, a lot of establishment put up classic and modern Halloween decorations, prepare special Halloween menu and offer crazy discounts to entice people to join in the fun. Come to think of it! The number of parties going around during Halloween is the reason why costume maker and retailer make a large profit while professional makeup artist earned a lot on this day as Halloween makeup complete the attire.

That’s right, cool and scary Halloween makeup is crucial during this season because awesome Halloween makeup such as vampire, fairy, zombie, devil and crazy and spooky character add color to the party. With Halloween closed by, it is no longer surprising that a lot of people look for Halloween makeup ideas before buying costumes. Keep in mind that Halloween makeup can make you stand out from a crowd, no doubt about it, probably why I have compiled some of the scary Halloween makeup ideas to help you prepare in advance.

Whether you are planning a big Halloween party or attending one, Look for some special halloween gifts to carry with and the Halloween makeup ideas in this page can definitely inspire you to get a head start in searching for the best makeup artists or learn to apply Halloween makeup properly.

Halloween Makeup Ideas

The internet can give you tons of Halloween, makeup ideas that can help you decide which Halloween makeup design is right for you. Check out the Halloween makeup pictures below, just remember the makeup ideas ahead can be very disturbing, so proceed at your risk.


Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

Are you looking for scary halloween makeup? Below are some of the scary makeup ideas you can try to replicate.

 scary halloween_makeup ideas

Image Source

If the image above doesn’t look too scary, maybe the Mary Shaw makeup below will finally give you goosebump…

scary-halloween-makeup-ideas for women


scary halloween makeup

Image Source

Zombie Halloween Makeup, Halloween Makeup Zombie

The popularity of zombie apocalyptic movies and television series such as “Dawn of the Dead,” “Residents Evil” and “Walking Dead” have made zombie makeup extremely popular during Halloween. Unfortunately, creating a zombie look is not easy, unless of course, you know the tricks.

Take note, it takes more than just a tattered vintage clothing, unwashed hair, dirty look, grime and dirt under the nails and body, yellowish or bluish skin color and black out teeth to look like a real zombie. If you really wish to look dead, you have to wear a cool zombie makeup, not just on the face but also on the neck and arms.

1. Looks like a lot of work!

halloween zombie makeup

2. Image Source zombie halloween makeup 3. Image Source


4. Image Source

Love the zombie makeup!!!


5. Image Source

I’m a walking dead fan, so the pics below is just perfect for the film. Very realistic, nice makeup… Kudos to the makeup artist!

zombie halloween makeup

6. Image Source

Nice makeup…


Halloween Witch Makeup

Halloween is incomplete without a witch. The witch makeup below are perfect for women who are not afraid to turn green.


 halloween witch makeup

Halloween Vampire Makeup

Vampire are classic halloween makeup, very easy to do and great for both men and women.

vampire halloween makeup

Devil Halloween Makeup

Be naughty and devilish this year, with cool devil halloween makeup like the one below.

devil makeup

Image Source

Halloween Doll Makeup

1. Doll makeup perfect for kids and teenagers…

doll makeup


halloween doll makeup

Cat Makeup For Halloween

I love this halloween makeup, looks easy to do and just beautiful.

cat halloween makeup

Creepy Halloween Makeup

Creepy Halloween makeup is not easy to create but also not impossible especially with an easy to follow video tutorials. You can find a video tutorials on YouTube or by goggling it.

1. This is definitely a creepy halloween makeup, thumbs up to the makeup artist.


2. Wow, big mouth!

creepy makeup

3. Creepy and cool makeup, really great makeup…

creepy halloween makeup

Halloween Makeup for Kids

Halloween makeup for kids can be anything from scary to cute. When choosing a Halloween makeup for your kids, make sure the costume match the makeup.

1. Perfect for my daughter and son…what do you think?

halloween makeup for kids

  If you want a tiger look for your kids, just follow the steps below:

  • Apply a yellow makeup across the face using a wet sponge.
  • Apply orange makeup on the outside of the cheeks and face using a dry sponge.
  • Apply a white to the eye area and the upper lip using a brush.
  • Next, with a brush create black stripes around the eyes.
  • Paint the nose black with a fine brush.
  • For the whisker, create a fine line with a black using a fine brush.
  • For the eyes, just draw a red line.
  • To complete the tiger look, just draw little lines of red, white, and black all over the face.

2. Love the mummified look…

halloween makeup kids

3. LOL, great makeup for kids!

halloween makeup for children

Halloween Makeup Ideas for Women

For all the women still wondering what is the best halloween makeup for them, below are some of the halloween makeup ideas for women.

halloween makeup for women

I love this makeup!

Image Source


Last year (2012) trend, flower and skull halloween makeup…

  Image Source

halloween makeup for women

Halloween Clown Makeup

1. Joker!

clown makeup

2. The joke is on you!

halloween clown makeup

3. I’m back, miss me?


Cool Halloween Makeup

Cool halloween makeup that you an try for your halloween bash or kids party.

cool halloween makeup

 Awesome halloween makeup, don’t you think?

cool makeup halloween

Creepy Halloween-Makeup

Easy Halloween Makeup

easy makeup


easy halloween makeup

Pretty Halloween Makeup

This Halloween consider the best makeup to become a showstopper. You can create a zombie, cat or creepy look with the right makeup kit and by following a video tutorials that you can find online. 

Image Source

pretty halloween makeup ideas


For costume ideas, check out my Halloween Costumes Ideas

Killer Clown Makeup Tutorial


Happy Halloween!


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Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source Image Source

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