Are you excited for the coming Christmas season? Every where you look there are a beautiful Christmas decorations displayed. Most cost an arms and legs, but people don’t care because decorating is fun. But, what if you can create your own decoration without spending much, using the most favorite candy of the season, candy cane.

That’s right! Candy cane is everywhere and inexpensive, so why not turn them into a cute Christmas decorations for your table, Christmas trees or doors. There is so much to do with candy cane, you just need a little bit of inspiration to create your own masterpiece. And this article can help you get all the inspiration you need. These DIY candy cane crafts are original and unique. So, starts your creative juice flowing, make your own candy cane decors now.

Christmas Candy Cane Decorations

Below are some of the Christmas candy cane decorations that I have found online, which you can use as inspiration.

1. Candy Cane Table Napkin Holder

Make your table prettier by adding a touch of candy cane, your guests will love the candy and the idea.

Image Source

2. DIY Candy Cane Tree

This is easy to do just buy 3 dozens of candy cane, tape and gather your family together to make this edible, fun candy cane Christmas tree decoration.

Image Source

3. Christmas Candy Cane Vase Decoration

Candy canes are not just made for eating as you can use them to make this beautiful candy cane vase! Best of all! It takes a few minutes to turn your ordinary vase into a perfect table decoration, complete with a fancy ribbon bow.

Image Source

4. Candy Cane Reindeer

This candy cane reindeer sure looks easy to do and fun to do.

Image Source


5. Candy Cane Snowflake

Cute snowflake!

Image Source


6. Candy Cane Wreath

The guests will definitely keep on knocking when you got a cool candy cane wreath on the door to welcome them.

Image Source


7. Candy Cane Wreath

Here’s another candy cane wreath idea to consider for your Christmas DIY project.

Image Source

8. Candy Cane Wreath

I love the simplicity of this candy cane wreath.

Image Source

9. Candy Cane Wreath

Want to know how to make candy cane wreath? Here is your chance, take advantage of the opportunity now.

Image Source


10. Candy Cane Clay Ornaments

Make your Christmas gifts even more meaningful with this candy cane clay ornaments.

Image Source

11.  Candy Cane Mice Ornaments

I love this candy cane mice decor!

Image Source

12. Candy Cane Reindeer

Here’s another candy cane reinder for your to learn.

Image Source

13.  Christmas Candy Cane Reindeer Craft


Image Source

14. Candy Cane Christmas Trees

This candy cane Christmas trees are great decoration for your Christmas tree.

Image Source

15.  Christmas Candy Cane Ornaments

Simple yet nice ornaments.

Image Source

16. Christmas Candy Cane Topiary Trees

This candy cane topiary trees is great as center table.


Image Source

17. Crystal Candy Cane

This can be a great activity for you and your kids this Christmas season.

Image Source

18. Christmas Candy Cane Sun Catcher

I love this sun catcher!

Image Source

19. Candy Cane Lanterns

Candy cane lanters? Why not, right!


Image Source

20. Pom Pom Christmas Candy Cane

This is another perfect candy cane craft for kids.

Image Source
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