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Are you looking for some Easter games ideas? All over the world, devout Catholics and those who simply celebrate Easter day would be throwing a party. If you are wondering about Easter games to make your party even livelier, read on as this article talks about games you can play.

Easter egg hunt is the best game to play on Easter day, but this is not the only game since there are other great Easter games your kids can play with other children.

Easter Games for children

The following are Easter party games your kids will love playing this Easter day.

1. Egg Rolling – This is a cool game to play this coming Easter the best thing of all, you just need one hard-boiled egg. The player each has one egg the first egg to reach the finish line one of course wins. The eggs can be push with their noses or feet, you just decided which is more fun.

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2. Walk The Egg – This is another game to play on your kid’s party. For the game, you need two eggs and a spoon for each participant. Divide the player into two equal groups and let each team form a long line with each player standing side by side. You see the idea of the game is to pass the egg to the last kid on the line using the spoon only. Plus, the player should not touch the egg from start to finish if they wish to win the game.

3. Egg Race – The game is simple to play as the players’ just need to race from the starting line to the finish line. The clincher is that each racer must carry an egg using a spoon. The player can put the spoon into their mouth or hold them while racing, and they should not drop the egg.

4. Guess the Eggs – This is a fun game with a jar of chocolate as the prize. All you need is a jar filled with delicious chocolate eggs, pencils, scrap paper and other stuff. Ask the children to guess the number of eggs inside the jar by writing down their answer on a piece of paper for fair play, and the kid whose guess closest to the actual number of eggs wins the chocolate.

5. Easter Bunny Pin the Tail Game – For this game, you need to create a large image or photo of bugs bunny and several bunny tails. Hang the photo on the wall and ask kids to pin the tail on the bunny while blindfolded and after spinning the kid around a couple of times. The kid you pin the tail closest to the bunny wins.

Cool Games For Kids

6. Hop Like A Bunny Race – The game is perfect for younger kids who love to hop. This is a race but instead of running, the racer will hop from the starting line up to the finish line and the first one to crosses the ribbon wins the race.

7. Tag The Bunny – This game is certainly just for children as you will need a lot of energy to win. After all, you need to tag another player, but instead of running, you will be hopping.

8. Pass the Egg Please – in order to play this game, you need two teams. Once you have two teams, give each group a hard boiled egg and ask them to pass the eggs from one player to another without using their hands. That’s right! No hands as you will be using your chin and neck to pass the eggs to the next player. The first team, who passes the eggs to the last player, wins.

Easter Games

9. Duck Walk Race – For this game, you just need to have a lot of energy as you will be squatting down to the finish line. Yes! Race while on squat position, and waddle like the duck to win the game.

10. Cup and Straw Relay – For this game, prepare a plastic cup by decorating them with Easter eggs. Form a team then have the kid’s line, as they need to pass the cups using a straw. Take note, the cup must be passed to the next person but without touching the cup. The first team to get the cup to the last person wins.

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