My youngest daughter birthday is three weeks away, and we are all excited. Since last year, my eldest daughter and I have been planning her younger sister 2nd birthday. You see, we wanted a nice party for my sweet little girl, something she will remember for a long time. So, I have searched the net for party ideas as I wanted to make things perfect from the food to the set up.

Searching the internet for kids party food ideas can be time consuming but fun as I discovered plenty of birthday party food ideas that both kids and adult will love. I’m sharing what I have discovered to save you the trouble of searching for food ideas for your kids party.

Kids Party Food Ideas

The following are kids party food ideas that you add to your kids menu.

Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

My daughter insist that we serve hamburger, mini size burgers are perfect for kids birthday party.

kids birthday party food ideas

Mini Ham Cheddar and Apple Paninis

Party Food Ideas For Kids

I love this party food idea, very colorful. I know my kids and their friends will love this colorful bread.

Nutella Fairy Bread Recipe and Procedure

Kids Halloween Party Food Ideas, Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

If my daughter is born on November, this bone bread is perfect for a halloween birthday party. If your throwing a kids party on November, don’r forget to include it on your menu.

halloween party foods for kids

Bone Bread Image Source

Birthday Party Food Ideas for Kids

Strawberries, yummy… Perfect for Valentine’s day and birthday party for kids with a floral theme.

Birthday party food ideas for kids
Strawberry Rosebuds Recipe and Procedure

Food Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Bacon and cheese combined, perfect… What do you think? Am I right, or right?

Food ideas for kids party
Bacon and Cheese Appetizer Bites Recipe and Procedure

Pirate Party Food Ideas for Kids

Tart with pirate decor great for boy’s birthday party.

Pirate Party Food Ideas for Kids

Image Source

Kids Bday Party Food Ideas

Fruit wands are awesome party food. Great for kids and adult party, i love it.

Fruit Wands Recipe and Procedure

Kids Party Finger Food Ideas

Looks delish and very easy to prepare. Yum, yum, yummmmmmmy…

Kids party finger food ideas
Cream Cheese Crisps Recipe and Procedure

Kids Pool Party Food Ideas

Macaroni and cheese are kids best friend, made into bite size is just great for kids birthday party. I’m definitely including it to my menu.

Fried Macaroni and Cheese Balls Recipe and Procedure

Tea Party Food Ideas for Kids

I’m definitely making this for my daughter 2nd birthday party, she love marshmallow…

 kids party food ideas_

Marshmallow Image Source

Kids Party Ideas Food


Kids Party Food Ideas on A Budget

Ham and cheese empanadas are fantastic kids party food ideas, especially when you are on a budget. It is also easy to prepare, fulfilling and tasty.

Kids party food ideas on a budget
Ham and Cheese Empanadas Recipe and Procedure

For more food ideas, check out my other post. Thanks for dropping by, hope you enjoy my kids party food ideas.

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