4th of July Recipes for BBQ

June 30, 2015 cathy 0

4th of July is America’s independence day. This day is a special holiday for it’s a celebration of independence from Britain. Americans from all walks […]

Chicken Inasal Recipe

May 31, 2015 cathy 0

Chicken inasal is a barbequed or grilled chicken dish that originated in Negros Occidental. A chicken dish that is extremely popular in Bacolod City. It […]

Siomai Recipe

March 26, 2015 cathy 0

Siomai is a tasty dumpling and very popular snack food in my country. It is so popular that you don’t have to go to a […]

No Bake Lasagna

February 13, 2015 cathy 0

I love all types of pasta dishes but my favorites are carbonara and lasagne or lasagna. I don’t know why I love lasagna, but since […]

Chopsuey Recipe

January 16, 2015 cathy 0

Looking for pinoy chopsuey recipe? Chop suey or chopsuey is a vegetable dish with chicken or pork meat. This dish is very popular in the […]

Recipe For Leche Flan

January 6, 2015 cathy 0

Leche flan is a popular dessert in the Philippines. A lot of families served leche flan on birthdays, Christmas and other special occasion. Last December […]