Christmas wreaths or wreaths are common decoration used for Christmas. Every year wreaths are familiar sights on fireplaces, windows and doors. Homes have been decorated with wreaths for centuries and were also used for other purposes.

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In fact, before the birth of Christ or about 800 years ago, Greeks used wreaths to recognize Olympians. Winners were crowned with wreath made from laurel tree branches. Other branches of trees were later used when the games spread from city to city. Political leaders, militaries during the Roman Empire also wore crowns of greenery and leaves. How the wreath turned from head adornment to a decoration, is unknown. But, perhaps the crowned military leaders or athletes hang their adornment on doors or windows to show their victory. Anyway, wreath became a popular Christmas tradition.

Wreaths have been used to symbolize many things in the Christian world. Today, Christmas wreaths are used to decorate doors and windows around the world. They are used for decoration not just for Christmas but also other holidays. Furthermore, wreaths are no longer made of just tree branches they are made from variety of materials.

This Christmas season, decorating your doors with Christmas wreaths that you created yourself can save you a great deal of money. There are just many Christmas wreath ideas that you can do. Creating your own wreaths is also a good idea as you can let your creativity run free.

This article contains DIY Christmas wreaths ideas that will make your home look fabulous and welcoming.

Christmas Wreath Ideas

Here are some christmas wreath ideas that you can make for your home.

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Ribbon christmas wreath image source from

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Stripped Christmas wreath image source from

Christmas Wreath Ideas
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Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas

Homemade Christmas wreaths are budget saver. Christmas season usually means endless shopping. Making your own Christmas decorations can save you a great deal of money.

Homemade Christmas Wreath Ideas


Baubles are the most popular christmas decorations. They are also great as adornment on wreaths.

DIY solar powered LED Christmas Wreath

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Christmas Ornament wreath

homemade christmas wreath ideas

I love this christmas wreath ideas made from wire hanger.

Dollar wire hanger Christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

Here are more christmas wreath decorating ideas that you can try making this year.

homemade christmas wreath ideas (2)

Anyone can cut a paper, so there is no doubt that you can do it too!

Construction Paper Christmas wreath

christmas wreath decorating ideas
Bauble wreath

christmas wreath decorating ideas1

1, 2 & 3 step Christmas wreath

christmas wreath decorating ideas3

Nice DIY christmas wreath! I love the simplicity and design of the wreath.


Burlap Christmas wreath

christmas wreath decorating ideas4

Wool scarf Christmas wreath

christmas wreath decorating ideas6

Christmas wreath idea

Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas
Christmas card wreath

Wreath Ideas for Christmas

When it comes wreath ideas for christmas the choices are endless. So, check out the christmas wreaths ideas that you can do this year.

wreath ideas for Christmas2


Holy and small ornaments christmas wreath

wreath ideas for Christmas
Round Christmas wreath

wreath ideas for Christmas3
easy Christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath Craft Ideas

Do you love to craft? Well, this is the time of the year for creativity and crafting. I have collected christmas wreath craft ideas for you to make this year.

Christmas Wreath Craft Ideas

How to make wreath trio
christmas wreath craft ideas

Tulle Christmas wreath

christmas wreath craft ideas1
Vintage christmas ornament wreath

Christmas Wreath Craft Ideas7
Curly paper Christmas wreath

Wreath Ideas for Christmas
DIY Christmas wreath

Christmas Wreath Craft Ideas2
Fabric Christmas wreath


Outdoor Christmas Wreath Ideas

Every year, many homes have outdoor christmas wreath to welcome their family and friends. These outdoor christmas wreath ideas will inspire you to diy your wreaths this year.

Christmas Decorations Outdoor1

Sunburst snowman Christmas wreath

Outdoor Christmas Wreath Ideas1

Snowman wreath

Outdoor Christmas Wreath Ideas2
3d outdoor Christmas wreath

Outdoor Christmas Wreath Ideas3
DIY outdoor christmas wreath


Decorating Christmas Wreath Ideas

I love candy canes! They are sweet and great for decorations too!

Decorating Christmas Wreath Ideas1

Peppermint and candy cane wreath tutorial

Decorating Christmas Wreath Ideas2
Candy wreath tutorial

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Thank you for checking out my collection of christmas wreath ideas. I hope these wreath for christmas has inspired you to make your own wreath.

Feel free to check out my article christmas article from christmas food ideas to handmande christmas ornaments. Have a nice day!

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