Christmas season is a time of creativity. Many people love showing off their creativity through Christmas decorations. That’s why I have decided to write an article that showcase handmade Christmas ornaments for Christmas trees and garlands.

What are Christmas Ornaments? These are decorations made of metal, wood, glass or ceramics that are usually used to decorate a Christmas tree. A Christmas ornament comes in different shapes and size from a round ball to complicated and artistic designs. Most of the time ornaments are reused yearly especially when it is handmade or DIY Christmas ornaments. These handmade Christmas ornaments are usually passed from one generation to generation unlike the commercially purchased ornaments.

This year, I have decided to make my own Christmas ornaments because I think they make good keepsakes.

By the way, baubles are the most popular Christmas ornaments and the most expensive. Modern baubles are made from glass and plastic. They are also available in huge variety of colors, shapes and designs. Personally, I will buy clear baubles for my DIY Christmas ornaments project. Anyway, Santa Claus, candy canes, snowflake, angels, fruits, snowmen and animals are also popular choices.

Whatever Christmas ornaments I decided to make this year, one thing for sure they will be beautiful and special because my daughter will help me. So, what are you waiting for get your Christmas ornaments project started.

Take a look at these amazing ornaments that I discovered online.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Here an interesting ornaments for your christmas tree. Fans of the pizza craze turtles will love these ornaments.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Ideas.2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Christmas Ornaments

Easy christmas ornaments for your tree.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Ideas

Christmas Ornament

Unique Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Cute dogs just time consuming to do!

unique handmade christmas ornaments

Dog Christmas ornaments

Handmade Christmas Tree Ornaments

Angry birds? Hmmm why not?

handmade christmas tree ornaments

Handmade Christmas tree ornaments

I love these ornaments look easy to do too!

handmade christmas tree ornaments2
Handmade Ornaments

Handmade Christmas Ornaments for Sale

Here’s another interesting Christmas ornaments to try.

Handmade Christmas Ornaments for Sale1

Crafty Christmas Ornaments

handmade christmas ornaments for sale
Warm Hands Felt Ornament Kit

Easy Handmade Christmas Ornaments

easy handmade christmas ornaments

Nice christmas ornaments made from caps.

Simple DIY ornaments

easy handmade christmas ornaments2
Eco Friendly Ornament

Handmade Glass Christmas Ornaments

handmade glass christmas ornaments

Brown Glass Ornament

handmade glass christmas ornaments2
Glass Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Handmade

christmas ornaments handmade2

This is a great ornaments especially if you have spare bulbs at home.

DIY Mini Snow Globe Ornament

christmas ornaments handmade1

I love the simplicity of this baubles with white paint inside.

christmas ornaments handmade

This one has red and green paint…

Homemade Christmas Ornament


Handmade Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Great work!

handmade wooden christmas ornaments

Reindeer Ornament


Handmade Christmas Ornaments for Kids

My kids says they want to try making snowman as soon as I buy a baubles.

handmade christmas ornaments for kids

Snowman Handprint Ornament

Christmas Handmade Ornaments

Christmas Handmade Ornaments2

Seating Place Holder Coaster Ornaments

This scented ornaments is already in the bag… My project this christmas season.

christmas handmade ornaments

Spicy Scented DIY Ornament


Handmade Fabric Christmas Ornaments

handmade fabric christmas ornaments

Pinecone Ornament

handmade fabric christmas ornaments2
Fabric Ornaments

Handmade Personalized Christmas Ornaments

handmade personalized christmas ornaments

Salt Dough Hand Print Ornament

Handmade Personalized Christmas Ornaments2

Christmas Cottage Ornaments

handmade personalized christmas ornaments

Handmade Polymer Christmas Ornaments

Handmade Paper Christmas Ornaments

handmade paper christmas ornaments

Paper Towel Stars

Handmade Paper Christmas Ornaments.3

Pretty Paper Holiday Ornaments

Handmade Paper Christmas Ornaments.2

Paper Christmas Ornament

Handmade Paper Christmas Ornaments.1

Handmade Felt Christmas Ornaments

handmade felt christmas ornaments

Felt Owl Ornament

handmade felt christmas ornaments1

Handmade Felt Christmas Ornaments

Handmade Felt Christmas Ornaments3
Felt Snowman

German Handmade Christmas Ornaments

german handmade christmas ornaments


Bling Verboten Handmade Ornaments

How to Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments

how to make handmade christmas ornaments

Pompom Ornaments

How to Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments2

Make Christmas Tree Ornament

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Look at these beautiful handmade christmas ornaments that you can do at home.

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments3

I will also make this musical baubles… I think they are wonderful and would look lovely on my christmas tree. What do you think?

Beautiful Ornaments

Another great idea!

Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments6

DIY Sequins Ornaments

Looks easy to do!
Beautiful Handmade Christmas Ornaments5

DIY Thumbtack Ornament

beautiful handmade christmas ornaments4

beautiful handmade christmas ornaments2

beautiful handmade christmas ornaments1

Beautiful DIY Ornaments

Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments

My daughter already started making this beaded christmas ornaments.

handmade beaded christmas ornaments1

Beaded Ornaments

Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments.2

Red Purple Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Handmade Beaded Christmas Ornaments.1

Beaded Christmas Balls Ornaments

Handmade Ornaments Christmas

handmade ornaments Christmas

Fingerprint Heart Ornaments

Make Handmade Christmas Ornaments

make handmade christmas ornaments

Borax Crystal Ornaments

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Patterns

Handmade Christmas Ornaments Patterns
Knitting Pattern Christmas ornaments

Handmade German Christmas Ornaments

Handmade German Christmas Ornaments.1

Christmas in Germany

handmade german christmas ornaments

Image source German Pine Cone Christmas Miniatures Advent Calendar Ornaments

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