baby name meansChoosing baby’s name is not easy whether you are a first time mom/dad or not. I should know, I’m a mother of four adorable kids and I had a hard time picking the right name for each of my child, it is a daunting task. Fortunately, my husband saved me the trouble as his the one who ultimately come up with a name.

Come to think of it! My husband picked out all my children’s name, I was very lucky as there is no pressure for me. However, if both you and your partner cannot think of a suitable name then it becomes a problem unless of course, you already have a name in mind.

There are thousands of baby names to choose from these days. In fact, the lists of baby names can be overwhelming, probably why some people can’t come up with a name quickly. If you are one of the many people having a hard time deciding an appropriate name for their child, know that there is no right or wrong name so don’t worry as anything goes and no one can question your decision. Moreover, when friends, family, and strangers are making suggestions, don’t get mad just say thanks as they are only happy for you.

baby names and meaningsAnyway, as said awhile ago, the decision is up to you, and of course, your partner, so don’t be afraid to name your baby as you wish. By the way, the baby names and meanings in this site can give you ideas, so do check the lists of baby names for consideration. But before you do, there are some things you need to keep in mind when picking out baby names.

Tips for Choosing Baby Names

The following are some of the points you need to remember, when choosing your baby’s name.


– When choosing your baby’s name, say over and over again the possible baby names and your last name for compatibility. Check whether the name sound melodious or awkward with your last name, because if it’s not then pick another name. And most importantly, please save your child from the embarrassment of having a name like “Baby” or “Hollywood,” as puns name cute for about 5 minutes only.


– It is always advantageous to have an unusual name as you stand out right away. So, when choosing your baby name, keep in mind that having an unusual name can bring added attention to the child and make him familiar, an absolute advantage when they are older and working in the entertainment industry or politics.

Heritage and Ancestry

– If it’s important for your family to name the child after a relative like your grandfather or the father of the baby since it is a tradition consider the name as a middle name in case you don’t like the name. That why, you will not offend the family and ignore the tradition.

Nicknames and Initials

– Kids can be very cruel, so if you don’t want your baby to be bullied or made fun of because of their name, anticipate the possible nicknames of your chosen name. Potentially embarrassing names can be a source of a major problem for the child, so rule out hilarious names if you love your baby.

Baby Name Meanings

– Most parents look up the meaning or derivative of a baby’s name as they don’t want their child to suffer later. So, when selecting your baby’s name, check the beginning or meaning as your child will not be pleased knowing his or her name is bad or repulsive.

Baby Names by Meanings

If you wish to know the meanings of some of the popular baby names, please see below for what baby names means.

Top 5 Baby Name Meanings

1. Jacob

Jacob is from the latin word, lacobus. Jacob is a name from the Old Testament, a very famous name as bearer considered as the founder of the twelve tribes of Israel and the son of Isaac and Rebecca, as well as twin brother of Esau. Take note, Jacob means the “holder of the heel” and regarded in the middle ages as a Jewish name in England.

2. Mayson

Mayson is an English name, with a meaning of “Stoneworker.” It is a very popular name in the old days, particularly in England.

3. Ethan

This is another masculine name. In Hebrew, the name Ethan means “enduring” and “solid” and according to the bible (Old Testament), Ethan is a wise man. By the way, the name became a household name in America, because of an activist named Ethan Allen.

4. William

The name William is taken from a Germanic name. It its extremely popular to the Normans, mainly because of “William the Conqueror,” the first (recognized) Norman king of England. Plus! three more English kings were named William and there are also rulers in Sicily, Prussia, Netherlands and Scotland with that name.
Famous people with the name William include William Wallace, William Tell, and William Shakespeare of Romeo and Juliet and many more.

5. Noah

Noah is actually a feminine name, also considered as famous biblical name. If you are familiar with the story of Noah’s Ark, then you know that this is a good name.

Baby Boy Names and Meanings

baby names meaningsThe lists are other baby names for consideration as you can see you have a lot of options. Nevertheless, you can find the right name by using the tips discussed above as your guide.

  1. Jacob
  2. Mason
  3. Noah
  4. Ethan
  5. William
  6. Michael
  7. Liam
  8. Jayden
  9. Alexander
  10. Daniel
  11. Aiden
  12. Matthew
  13. James
  14. Elijah
  15. Anthony
  16. Joshua
  17. Benjamin
  18. Andrew
  19. Joseph
  20. David
  21. Logan
  22. Christopher
  23. Jackson
  24. Gabriel
  25. Samuel
  26. Lucas
  27. Ryan
  28. John
  29. Nathan
  30. Dylan
  31. Isaac
  32. Caleb
  33. Christian
  34. Jonathan
  35. Landon
  36. Carter
  37. Luke
  38. Brayden
  39. Owen
  40. Gavin
  41. Isaiah
  42. Wyatt
  43. Henry
  44. Eli
  45. Jack
  46. Hunter
  47. Evan
  48. Jordan
  49. Tyler
  50. Nicholas

Baby Girl Names and Meanings

1. Sophia

Sophia pronounced as So-Fee-E in English and So-Fie-E, in UK English, means “wisdom.” The Greek name is common in Europe as female royalty all through the Middle Ages mostly named Sophia.

2. Emma

Emma is a Germanic name and has meaning of “universal” and “whole.” The name becomes popular in England because of Emma, the wife of King Ethelred II and King Canute. The name is the second most well-liked baby names in 2012, in America as many babies born during that year were named Emma.

3. Isabella

Isabella is from the named Isabel. The most powerful bearer of the name Isabella is the queen of Castile, Queen Isabella who sponsored Christopher Columbus explorations.

4. Olivia

Olivia is from the latin word “olive” and first used by Shakespeare in his comedy called the “Twelfth Night.” Olivia is widely used in many English-speaking countries, ever since the 18th century. However, it did not become fashionable until the 20th century.

5. Ava

Ava pronounced as Ay-Ve is a variant of Eve. Ava Gardner, an American actress, is the illustrious bearer of the name.

  1. Sophia
  2. Emma
  3. Olivia
  4. Isabella
  5. Ava
  6. Emily
  7. Mia
  8. Madison
  9. Abigail
  10. Elizabeth
  11. Chloe
  12. Ella
  13. Addison
  14. Avery
  15. Aubrey
  16. Lily
  17. Sofia
  18. Natalie
  19. Charlotte
  20. Zoey
  21. Hannah
  22. Grace
  23. Amelia
  24. Lillian
  25. Harper
  26. Samantha
  27. Victoria
  28. Evelyn
  29. Brooklyn
  30. Layla
  31. Zoe
  32. Hailey
  33. Kaylee
  34. Kaylee
  35. Anna
  36. Gabriella
  37. Aaliyah
  38. Allison
  39. Nevaeh
  40. Audrey
  41. Alexis
  42. Savannah
  43. Sarah
  44. Claire
  45. Alyssa
  46. Taylor
  47. Riley
  48. Arianna
  49. Camila
  50. Ashley

Unique Baby Names with Meanings

  1. Piper
  2. Aria
  3. Skyler
  4. Easton
  5. Colton

Muslim Baby Names with Meanings

muslim baby namesIt is important for Muslims to name their baby with honorable name, which is why it is crucial to give the right name. This is because, according to the prophet, and I Quote “On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers’ names, so give yourselves good names.”

Muslim Baby Names for Boys

  1. Aaban – Angel, 8th Persian month
  2. Aadam – first human sent to the earth
  3. Aabdar – Bright
  4. Baaligh – Major
  5. Baadi – Evident, Distinct, Plain, clear
  6. Ehsaan – Good, Favour
  7. Ejaz – Wondrous nature, miracle
  8. Chargul – Jewellery
  9. Lajlaj – Companion of Prophet PBUH al-Aamiree RA
  10. Labib – Reasonable, Intelligent, Rational, Wise
  11. Taahid – To console and to guard
  12. Tafazzul – Kindness, Courteousness, beneficence
  13. Wadi – Peaceful, Calm
  14. Yaamin – Blessed
  15. Zaad – Success, Victory

Muslim Baby Names for Girls

  1. Aamilah – Righteous, Doer of deeds
  2. Aabirah – Ephemeral, Fleeting, Transitory
  3. Bahar Bano – Blooming princess
  4. Bakarah – Virginity
  5. Chasheen – Sweet
  6. Daiba – Devoted, assiduous, persistent
  7. Elijah – Loving, beautiful, smart
  8. Fahmida – Wise and Intelligent
  9. Ghada – Beautiful young woman or youthful
  10. Hablah – Someone who earns a lot
  11. Mabrooka – Blessed, abundant, prosperous
  12. Qanaat – Patience
  13. Sabha – Pretty, radiant, beautiful, graceful & fern
  14. Ugay – Type of Necklace
  15. Zababa – Head, leader, chief
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