butterfly tattoo designsMany people consider tattoo an art, a body modification commonly seen in sailors, bikers, and outlaws in the old days. Today, tattoos are very popular that even ordinary individual sports the latest tattoo designs on their shoulder, back, legs and other body parts.

Tattoos are very popular body decorations for a lot of people since it is no longer just skulls, cross, anchors and macho designs as you now have a choice. In fact, there are butterfly tattoo designs for women to choose from that are great for the ankle, arms and back. You just have to pick the best one and of course, the tattoo designer that will create the work of art in your body. By the way, in case you are wondering about the latest tattoo designs for women and men, know that this article has compiled the best free tattoo designs.

Tattoo Designs

Tattoo is a wound (punctured wound) intentionally made in the skin using a needle. The skin slowly carved according to the chosen design then injected with colored ink to highlight the tattoo design. Take note, unlike the henna or menhdi, the traditional tattoo is permanent as the ink injected not into the top layer of the skin or the epidermis, but into the dermis the second skin. You see, the dermis is the much deeper part of the skin, wherein the cells are a lot stable, which is why the tattoo is almost permanent. I say practically permanent since the advent of technology paved the way to remove permanent tattoo.

Anyway, before you check out the different tattoos designs in this page, let’s talk about the history of tattoo a bit.

In 1771, an explorer named James Cook introduced the word “tattoo” to Europe after he returned from his voyage to New Zealand and Tahiti. The tattooing was referred to as “tattaw” and had been described as staining, painting, and scarring of the skin. Please bear in mind that tattooing is practiced for centuries in Asia and other countries across the world. Come to think of it! Japan indigenous people practiced facial tattoos since time immemorial. Polynesian and certain tribes in Borneo, Africa, Cambodia, North America and others also encourage their people for religion purposes.

By the way, in the old days, tattoos manually done. The artist would puncture the skin as well as apply the ink by hand that is why it is more painful to get a tattoo in the old days than today wherein there is a machine or a handheld device that puncture and apply the ink.

Plus! it is safer to get a tattoo these days with the use of a machine as most legitimate shops sterilized the needle. So, it is wise to get a tattoo with a legitimate tattoo designer as they know how to drive the needle without making you bleed profusely.

Oh, before I forgot, certain religion prohibits tattooing. Sunni Islam forbids permanent tattoos, but the Shia Islam allows it. This is because the Sunni tradition prohibits maiming or mutilation of bodies, according to the Sunni Scholars. Judaism also forbids tattoos in accordance to the book of Leviticus 19:28. But of course, the holocausts further fuel the revulsion of Jewish to tattooing.

However, in Hinduism tattooing is encouraged as the marking or tattoo help ward off all sorts of evil. Local tribes also use tattoos to distinguish their ethnic groups or clan that is why it is common to see men and women wearing the latest tattoo designs.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs for women. Butterfly is always the choice of many women as butterfly tattoo designs are beautiful and colorful, especially when mixed with plants and flowers. Furthermore, butterfly tattoo can be placed on different areas of the body, but most of the time women have this tattoo on the lower back, back shoulders, and feet.

Butterfly Tattoos Design for Women


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Butterfly Tattoos Designs

tattoo butterfly designs

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Small Butterfly Tattoos


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Butterflies Tattoos


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Free Tattoo Designs

free tattooIf you are running out of tattoo design ideas, there are tons of free tattoo designs on the internet. You can ask your tattoo artist to copy a particular design without worry, so feel free to browse for tattoo ideas.

Free Tattoo Designs for Men

free tattoo design

Tattoo Designs Free

free tattoo designs

Angel Tattoo Designs

angel tattoo designs

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An Angel tattoo design is great for both men and women. For women, an angel tattoo simply means she require protection while men wear angel tattoos as a sign of respect to the women on their life. In addition, angel tattoos symbolizes the struggle between good and evil, probably why a lot of tattoo fanatics like fallen angels or baby designs.

If you find angel designs awesome, check out the tattoos designs below:

Angel Tattoos

angel design

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Angel Tattoos For Men

angel tattoo

Japanese Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoo designs are very popular as Japanese tattoos are open and clandestine that makes them fascinating to a lot of people. Furthermore, in Japan, tattoos usually cover the entire leg, arm or total body from the feet to the neck. And the tattoos design have meaning, so before you have a tattoo with a Japanese design, make sure you know the meaning behind the images.

The following are Japanese tattoo designs and their meanings.

Dragons Tattoo Designs

dragon tattoo designs Image Source– The dragon is a symbol of bravery, no wonder it is a popular design. And it seems everyone is impressed with a dragon tattoo as the extraordinary creature has wings, snout that can spit out fire and vanquish enemies in mere seconds. Tattoo designs are beautiful, mystical, colorful, inspiring, and painstakingly done, so there is no doubt that you will be proud to wear a large dragon on your body.

Japanese Koi Fish Tattoo Designs

koi tattoo
Image Source
– The koi is a great tattoo design because it is also colorful and considered brave and auspicious animal. Many people get a koi tattoo as the mingling of man and nature produced a work of art.

Japanese Kanji Tattoo Designs

kanji tattoo designs– The Kanji tattoos are lovely, simple, and mystical looking. Actually, aesthetically speaking, the kanji tattoo designs can absolutely compete with other tattoo designs more so when petals and flowers added to the lettering and the tattoo done by hand.

kanji tattoo

Japanese Water Tattoo Designs, Wave Tattoo

wave tattoo designs– When you get a wave tattoo, you are showing your strength as this type of Japanese tattoo depicts the strength of nature in withstanding all trials. Waves also represent destruction and power, so if you want to look macho and feel strong a wave tattoo is a good idea.

wave designTake note, Japanese demand quality, and detailed work. You can see it in almost all the tattoos designs from dragon to koi. Hence, it is a good idea to get a tattoo that showcase the intricacy of the Japanese that require dedication and immense patience to create, but before you do, know that there are things you need to remember.

Actually, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, it is important to keep in mind that the operation must be done safely, for that reason, hiring a legitimate tattoo artist is crucial. You should also remember that a new tattoo is a fresh wound, like any other cut or scrape, your tattoo is also at risk for disease and infections.

It is also imperative to update the immunization record, particularly the tetanus and hepatitis shots before you get a tattoo. For people with special condition that could affect their immune system, pregnant, skin disorders, heart disease, diabetes, and allergies should ask their family doctor if it’s fine to get a tattoo as a precaution before heading to the nearest tattoo shop and rolling your sleeve up as tattooing can be dangerous.

You can have a tattoo but always beware of the safety precaution, and since there are hundreds of tattoo designs to choose from in the internet, finding the right one for you is never going to be a problem.

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