Halloween is not an official holiday in America, but it did not stop people from celebrating halloween with a bang, maybe because the day is an opportunity for both children and adults to dons costumes depicting goblins, ghosts and supernatural creatures as well as collect candy from adults. And of course, decorate their homes into a graveyard or haunted house. Plenty of families celebrates Halloween traditions to make the special holiday even more exciting and fun for children.

If you are planning to decorate your home with Halloween decorations but confused and overwhelmed by the wide range of decorations available, maybe this post can help you. Every 31st of October, children wear their favorite costumes to go “Trick-or-treating” while adults prepare treats and snacks for visitors.

Additionally, weeks or days before the house decorated with vintage and modern Halloween decorations like pumpkins, and brooms. So, it is no longer surprising why a lot of people search for Halloween decoration ideas yearly to make this year holiday unique and fun.

Halloween Decorations Ideas

When buying Halloween decorations it is important to choose the right décor, and always remember that wherever you are in the world, Halloween is the same as the one celebrated in Asian and the other part of the world. The symbols of halloween such as ghosts, bats, carved pumpkins, cats ruffle, candles and broom can be found all over the world, so finding a fantastic décor should not be a problem. That’s why, you can easily turn your home into a haunted house or graveyards as most of the items you need for Halloween decorating are readily available.

Halloween Decor

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halloween decor

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Outdoor Halloween Decorations, Halloween Outdoor Decorations

The garage can be turn into a haunted house and the front yard into a graveyard easily with spooky Halloween decorations. Come to think of it! You can turn your home into anything with cool decoration. In case you are financially tight, there are Halloween decorations online that you copy especially if you are the D-I-Y type of person.

Halloween Window Decorations

Halloween is the second most popular and decorated holiday, next to Christmas. A lot of people find Halloween an exciting time as they can decorate the windows with cool images, Halloween props, etc. If your goal this year is to make your window spooky and intriguing, make sure you pick the right theme. 

For windows, the popular Halloween decorations are stickers of witches and scary character. Or just draw frightening shapes to the window using a spray paint or paintbrush.

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halloween window decoration


outdoor halloween decorations

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Halloween Yard Decorations


halloween decoration

halloween decorations

halloween yard decor

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halloween yard decorations

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Halloween Door Decorations

Halloween door decorations are very popular as the decors serve as welcome signs to friends or guests. The decorations can be anything from stuff like pumpkins, brooms, witch clothes, tree leaves, squash, dried branches, and scary items that make the door spookier.

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halloween door decor

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halloween door decoration

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Halloween Home Décor

Halloween home decors are necessary to make your home spookier. You can buy or create a home décor that compliment your front yard decoration.

Halloween Table Decorations

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halloween table decorations

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Vintage Halloween Decorations


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Homemade Halloween Decorations

Candy Corn Trees

Candy corn is a Halloween staple candy, which is why it is a must to have one during Halloween. In order to make one, you will need the following materials:

  • Orange Yarn
  • White Yarn
  • Yellow Yarn
  • Styrofoam cone
  • Glue Gun
  • White Button


Wrap the Styrofoam cone using the yarn, starting with the yellow yarn then secure with a glue gun. Continue wrapping the Styrofoam cone until completely covered with orange and yellow yarn. For the finishing look, just top it with the white button.

candy corn trees halloween decoration

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Ghosts Jug Lanterns

Draw a ghost face on an empty jar or jug of milk then fill with holiday lights. The lanterns are great on the porch or walkway.

spirit jug halloween decor

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