Wedding vows are commitment spoken by the bride, groom in front of their families and friends. The exchange of vows is an important and romantic part of the wedding ceremony, probably why many couples have choose to write their own vows rather than use the traditional wedding vows of religious and cultural traditions.

If you are thinking of writing your own vows but feeling nervous and stumped about what to write, maybe this article can help inspire you to create a wedding vow that your partner will remember and cherish forever. Many couples are gung-ho about writing their own wedding vows, they get confused about what to say so they end up using the traditional wedding vows.

Fortunately, you do not have to be traditional about your wedding vows because you can write your own vows.  This article talks about how to write your wedding vows. You can use the information in this post as a guide to get you started.

How to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

#1 Check with the Ceremony officiant

The first thing you need to do before you get out the writing pad and think of happy thoughts is to get clearance from the officiant as not all allows personalized wedding vows even if it is already a popular practice. Plus! Even if you are allowed by, the officiants to create your own vow, most of the time they will review the content to ensure you won’t say anything inappropriate to a religious ceremony.

#2 Start Now

It doesn’t matter if the wedding celebration is still a month or a week away, the most important thing is to start your wedding vow early on, so you still have plenty of time to edit your work. Giving yourself, enough time can also help you write a heartfelt vow as you can write while on a relaxed frame of mind. If you write your vow the day before the wedding, you will certainly get nervous and won’t be able to write properly. So, start drafting the vow and get it done at least a week or 2 days before the big day.

#3 Read Up

Are you out of ideas? No problem just read a book about wedding vows or search online for inspiration. You will not easily find the inspiration you need but sooner or later, a chord will strike you, no doubt about it. You just have to continue reading to get ideas for your wedding vows.

#4 Decide on a Tone

When writing a wedding vow you have to decide whether your vow is poetic, touching, romantic or humorous, so you can get the tone right from the beginning and avoid wasting time editing your work again and again. A wedding vow is a commitment, but you don’t have to sound like a priest or kill everyone with boredom with your vow just to sound serious. You can make little jokes just to make the vow interesting but overall, you should focus on how you feel about your partner and the future.

#5 Confirm the Length and Tone

More often than not, when one partner writes the vow the other does it as well. So, if both of you are writing your vows and wish to surprised each other, know that it is just fine but at least talk about the tone and length of the vows to ensure you are on the same page.

#6 Talk To Your Partner

When it is about time to write the content, ask your partner to a dinner or luncheon to talk about your relationship and what you hope to get from the marriage. Talking can help you understand what each one wants as well as what you can accomplish together. Once you have a clear idea about your relationship, you can easily write your vow as you just need to paraphrase the promises you both made to one another including what you will do to make the promise come true.

#7 Reflect on Your Feelings

It is nice to have some “me” alone time after the dinner date to reflect on the things you both said about the relationship. In fact, I highly recommend you spend a day or two alone just so you can analyze and even realize why you were in love in the first place. Believe it or not, aside from the fact that you need to think about your wedding vows, the time alone can also help you relax since a wedding celebration is always a stressful occasion.

#8 Borrow Ideas

If you really suck in writing and expressing your feelings then I suggest you just borrow some words from the books, spiritual texts, poetry, and other materials and just rephrase the context or feelings to express your feelings and thoughts.

#9 Start an Outline

Most people have an easy time writing when they have an outline to follow, so if you have a problem writing a vow, know that an outline can serve as your guide. You can finish your vow faster when you are following an establish structure.

#10 Consider You Audience

Remember that your friends, family, and associates will be listening to your wedding vows, so don’t say anything embarrassing or too personal that you sound mysterious but rather make the vow easy to understand and sounds nice to everyone.

#11 Practice

Wedding vows are meant to be spoken and heard by a large audience, so practicing saying your vows out loud to ensure you are saying the words clearly. Practicing can also help you memorize the vows faster.

If you are still having difficulty writing your own wedding vows, maybe it is time to give up. You can use catholic wedding vows, christian wedding vows or non religious wedding vows.

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