imagesAre you wondering about the latest nail design trend? Nowadays, nails are no longer colored with just about anything as nails decorated with unique patterns and print that let you stand out from the crowd is the hottest fashion trend and the latest bug to hit women. That’s right, you read it right! Nails showcasing arts and styles that screams, hey! I’m unique and different, especially with really crazy nail art design is what making women run to the saloon or beauty parlor weekly.

In fact, you will be amazed at how many women these days change their nail paint every other day or every time they wanted to look cool and fabulous in the eyes of their friends. You see, cute nail design ideas can make every day a party, probably why teenager girls consider nail designing a form of art.

By the way, you don’t have to sport the same nail design as your bestfriend or neighbor since there are numerous nail art designs to choose from that can fit short or long nails. Plus, the right kind of nail polisher can make your nails shiny and eye catching, without going for crazy nail designs.

The following nail art designs can certainly help beginner, and fashion trendsetter find the best nail design to try at home.

Take note, the nail design pictures can give you ideas, so choose the best nail design for your nails.

Nail Design Pictures

Acrylic Nail Designs

Acrylic nail designs are durable improvements to your nail, even if they are artificial. If your nails are not extremely long, short or have damages then acrylic nails are a good option. In case you are wondering about the advantages of long acrylic nails, know that they do not chip, peel or crack easily. Plus, nail polishers certainly last longer on acrylic nails than to natural nails. Above all, acrylic nail designs offer you a wide range of chooses from cute nail design ideas to complex art such as those so called 3D nail designs.

If you interested in acrylic nail designs, remember that it is wise to let expert handle your nails to get the best result. Professionals can apply the acrylic better, especially when too much acrylic can damage your nail bed. When choosing your acrylic nail design, also remember that you can also include plants, animals, people, symbols and words to make your nails even more cooler.

Glittering nail designs are also great when you are wearing a matching outfit since the nails compliment your dress and stunning look.

1. Pink Painted Blunt Glittering Nails


2. Pale White Blunt with Ruby Nails


3. Long Square Nails

long square nail


arcylic nail design


acrylic design

Gel Nail Design Ideas

Gel nails are artificial just like acrylic nails. These nails are perfect for reunions, weddings, and dates or whenever you want to look sharp in no time at all. Gel nails are also viable option when your nails had trouble growing and require immediate assistance.

Gel nails resembles natural nail than acrylic nails. Gel nails also made of polymer powder and monomer liquid. When monomer and polymer combined, they form into polymer strands and the strands form a hard resin when dried and resembles a nail or fingernail. In addition, gel nails are a lot flexible because they don’t contain oligomers. There are also two versions of Gel nails available the light cured and no light gels. With light cured the nails treated under a UV light, but no light just require a special gel that is sprayed or brushed onto your nails. Dipping your fresh nails in plain water under no light is also another way to harden gel nails.

Keep in mind that a lot of women choose gel or acrylics when they want their nail design to last longer. By the way, in case you are not aware the gel’s of today have almost the same consistency as that of nail polish unlike before when the consistency is similar to a toothpaste. When the gel nail is applied to your nails, your nails are “cure” for a minute or two under the ultraviolent or UV light to harden the gel.

Furthermore, gel nails are a lot expensive than the so-called acrylic but, since the color stays longer then you can still save money. Nevertheless, when your nails grow it will naturally outgrow the gels, which is why you may need to get a technician to file down gently the gel edge to make your nails still attractive.

Oh, before I forgot, gel nails are safe for pregnant women since these artificial nails are odorless and flexible. When you want to remove your nails, visit a salon to ensure beautiful nails all the time.

Gel Nail Design Ideas

1. Nail Design Easy

nail ideas



Gel nail designs




Pictures of Nails Designs

French Nails Design

mad cow nail design

french nail design

Cute Nail Design Ideas

summer design ideas

cute nail design2

cute nail design

Summer Nail Design Ideas

summer design ideas1


Colorful Nail Designs

colorful nail design 2

 coloful nail design

Nail Polish Designs Easy

easy nail design ideas


Crazy Nails Designs


crazy design

crazy nail designs

Christmas Nail Design Ideas

christmas nail design ideas

christmas design ideas

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