Travelling to your holiday destination can be less stressful even if with children as long as you have prepared for the inevitable. A lot of parents travel unprepared, so they end up stressed out the entire journey. You can start to unwind from the moment you step out of the house to your destination as long as you are prepared emotionally and literarily.

When it comes to travelling, a lot of families go on a holiday expecting everything to be trouble free even if with children. Well, it is fine to think so, but when you have a baby or 3 years old who don’t listen, expect the worse but always hope for the best. And in order to help you reduce the stress and chaos of travelling with children, I have noted a few things that parents should keep in mind.

Travel Tips

Here are my tips for parents, travelling with small children:

1. Pack Your Children Favorite and New Toys

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When travelling with children, make sure you bring their favorite toys to keep them entertained. If you are travelling on an airplane, ready two toys as children get tired playing the same thing. The new toy can help keep them preoccupied but since the extra toy is your secret weapon just bring them out when you have no other recourse.

2. Pack Enough Diapers

It is essential to pack enough diapers for a few days as you never know how many diapers you will use until you have time to buy again. Plus! there is no guarantee that the first store you will see while on the road carry the brand your baby is accustomed to using. Furthermore, when packing your baby stuff avoid putting all the diapers in your luggage, as you all also need to have a few pieces on your carry bag especially when on a long distance flight. Put the wipes, diapers, changing mat on a small bag, and placed it near your seat so you can just grab it when you need to clean the baby in the bathroom.

3. Bring Extra Shirts For Yourself

It is normal for parents to smell of vomit and milk, but it does not mean you will just let yourself stink because it is an accepted fact. If your baby throws up, change your shirt after you have clean your baby.

4. Bring baby wipes and hand cleanser

Baby wipes and hand sanitizers are just some of the things that you should not forget to bring and included on your carry-on. Your little ones will be touching a lot of things while on the road, so make sure you have a hand cleanser with you since going to the washroom every time your child touches something can be a hassle.

5. Bring only Essential Items

If you are bringing your children to a road trip or a long distance flight, it is wise to pack as light as possible. So, forget your pocketbook and other things you don’t need as your child is more than enough to keep you busy. Furthermore, your strength will only allow you to carry one bag, no doubt about it.

6. Let Your Older Child Bring Their Own Luggage or Carry on

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If your child is old enough to carry or pull his bag, you can let them bring their own bag with stuff that would comfort them during the long journey. Besides, carry on is a lot of easier to bring as most kids get tired of carrying backpack.

Travel Safety Tips

7. Get Your Kid A Name Tag or Tracker

These days, you can buy cool tag or bracelet that let you monitor your child. The bracelet is like a tracker, so you know where your kid is playing every minute.

8. Bring A Stroller

It is crucial to bring along a stroller even if your two years old is already walking, especially if you do not want to carry a sleepy child all the time.

Tips For Travelling

9. Don’t Forget to Bring Meds

Travelling with kids can be tiring, which is why it’s best if you just bring a medication for headache, so you can just take a tablet or two whenever you feel the headache about to start. After all, the last thing you need when travelling with kids is a headache as you need to stay alert.

10. Pack Your Child Favorite Snacks

Children easily get hungry, more so when on a road trip. It is smart to prepare snacks so every time your kids throw a tantrum, you can appease their rumbling stomach. Prepare a snack that your child can eat for lunch or dinner as well as a snack to keep them seated and quit for a few hours.

11. Have Fun

Yup! its your vacation, so enjoy and forget about being prim and proper… relax and take advantage of the wonderful time with your family.

Travelling with your kids does not have to be tiring and stressful, especially if you keep in mind the tips discussed in this article.

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