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Birthday Party Ideas Philippines

Are you wondering about Filipino birthday food? Filipino’s are lover of good food and parties, so it is not surprising anymore to expect almost the same foods served during birthday celebration. This article talks about birthday party food ideas for your kid 1st birthday or for your kids birthday party food ideas.


Philippense Birthday Party:  A photo from a frist birthday celberation in philippense

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Birthday Party Food Ideas

The list below are classic Filipino birthday food, so when celebrating in the Philippines make sure you served these classic pinoy foods to keep up with the Filipino spirit as invited guests expect to see them all the time. You can get lot of best filipino recipes on internet

1. Filipino Spaghetti

image from

image from

In the Philippines, it is common to see spaghetti in birthdays and other occasions. In fact, even low-income families make certain they at least have spaghetti to celebrate their kids’ birthday. Pinoy love for their sweet tasting spaghetti is very evident as the noodles swimming in tomato sauce that have been sweeten then topped with cheese are at the center of every table for many years.

2. Filipino Fried Chicken

download (1)Fried chicken are a must on kid’s birthday celebration. A lot of people enjoy eating fried chicken without rice, especially kids on birthday celebration. So, make certain you include this food on your birthday party menu.

3. filipino BBQ

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Grilled pork or more popularly known in the Philippines as pork barbeque are another Filipino birthday food that you should not overlook when invited to parties. The skewered pork is a local favorite and can be eaten with or without rice. By the way, Filipinos love to marinate, so it is not surprising to see a lot of sidewalk vendors selling pork barbeque that have been marinated in tomato sauce and soy sauce with sugar.

4. filipino ice cream

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Philippines hot and humid climate is the primary reason why everyone loves ice cream.

Buying ice cream for birthdays is necessary as both adults and kids enjoy all flavors of ice cream.

Selecta, Magnolia and other local ice creams are always part of pinoy birthday celebration.

5. Hotdog on Stick

images (1)Hotdog on stick are mandatory during kid’s birthday parties as a lot of children enjoy eating hotdogs with marshmallow.

Hotdog on stick with marshmallow are also a wonderful decoration.

I guess, this is another reason why many parents include hotdog on their birthday party menu. So, expect to see this food on every kid birthday celebration

6.filipino  Pancit

source from wikipedia

source from wikipedia

Filipinos also served pancit on most parties and not just on birthday celebration as the food symbolizes long life. This is a classic food acquired from the Chinese, but in the Philippines, the pancit are cook in many ways.

Pancit palabok are one of the popular ways to cook pancit. This type of pancit uses rice noodles that have been lathered with rich orange sauce made of chicharon (pork rind), shrimps, hard-boiled eggs, shrimp broth, and squid. The rich tasting pancit have graced the tables of many Filipinos families since time immemorial.

Pancit habhab are another popular pancit, wherein the noodles served on a banana leaf. This is also the cheapest way to cook noodles since the garnished are just chayote, carrots, and meat. You can also serve pancit canton, pancit bihon and sotanghon.

7. filipino Fruit Salad

images (3)Fruit salad are favorite dessert fare of many Filipinos. You can see this dessert on Christmas celebration, New Year, Birthdays and other pinoy celebrations.

Most Filipino just buy canned fruits from the local supermarket, wherein the fruits are mixed with an all-purpose cream, condensed milk and some people even add evaporated milk to make the fruit salad creamier and delicious.

8. filipino Lechon

images (5)

Lechon are pinoy pride. The national food that have graced the tables of many homes and the center of attention in birthday parties, weddings, Christmas celebration, and other occasions.

The whole pig roasted over hot coals are a local favorite, as the crisp, golden brown skin of the pig is certainly tasty, with or without the liver sauce or the bottled sauce called Mang Tomas.

Cebu offers the tastiest lechon. The fact that you can eat lechon without liver sauce are proof that their lechon is definitely good to eat. In Manila, Lydia’s Lechon, Mila’s and Pepita’s lechon are the local favorites, but if you want a cheaper Lechon then driving around La Loma in Quezon city, the lechon capital of Metro Manila is highly recommended.

9. filipino Cake


Birthday cake are very important, which is why most parents would buy the largest or the cutest cake for their kid birthday party. Come to think of it! A birthday party is never complete without a birthday cake, so even adults have birthday cake on their birthdays.

Birthday Party Food Ideas

Aside from what have been mentioned above, other party food to consider are the following.

source from wikipedia

source from wikipe

Spring rolls or lumpia are other terrific party foods for kids and adults that you can include on the menu.

Spring rolls usually made of vegetables and meat. It is a deep fried in hot oil.


images (7)


Leche flan is a popular pinoy dessert.

The custard based dessert are made of eggs, condensed milk, evaporated milk, and caramelized sugar.

Birthday Celebration Ideas


Pinoy birthday parties typically start with guests and the celebrant praying together to give thanks to the Lord. Then, guests will gather at the long table to get some food, before returning to their tables.

As the birthday party progresses, games are played. one of the favorite party games for kids is the “palayok,” wherein kids are blindfolded before they are given a stick or pole to break the hanging pot or palayok that have been filled with powder, coins, and candies. Other games played during birthday parties are “trip to Jerusalem” and “pabitin.”

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