4th of July is America’s independence day. This day is a special holiday for it’s a celebration of independence from Britain. Americans from all walks of life celebrate this joyous day with fireworks, parade, fun fare and picnic or BBQ. It is an American tradition to celebrate 4th of july with a great cookout. The question is, are you prepared for this year 4th of july celebration? If you are still planning your 4th of july menu then this is your lucky day. I have compiled some of the amazing barbeque ideas for your party or get together.

If you are hosting this year 4th of july barbeque party, it means you are ready to bring out the grill. People will be firing up their grills for BBQ ribs, hotdogs, corn, steaks or hamburger. How about you? What are readying for your grill? Well, if you are still looking to find healthy and tasty recipes that you can grill, I also have some recipes here that will not load your body with unwanted fat. You will still get to enjoy grilling without feeling guilty afterwards.

4th of July BBQ Recipes

Below are some of the BBQ recipes that you can make and serve this coming July 4th.

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BBQ Brisket Nacho Salad Recipe

I love nachos! So, i included this beef brisket nacho salad to my list of 4th of july recipes.

4th_of_july recipes

Loaded Baked Potato Recipe

Do you love potato and bacon? Well, this loaded baked potato in salad got everything you love. So, there is no doubt that your 4th of July is going to be unforgettable. In fact, this salad is the perfect accompaniment for grilled chicken and steak. You can serve this chilled or warm. It is up to you, so include this on your Fourth of July menu.

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4th of July Special Jambalaya recipe

Jambalaya is a flavoured rice dish similar to gumbo. This is a great dish as you got rice and everything nice. Plus! it is quick to prepare and easy to make for a large group. You can change the ingredients, substitute whatever ingredients that pleases you, it is fine as long as you get the spices right. If you are looking for 4th of July recipes to include on your menu and want something different to serve this year, try Jambalaya.


Corn of the Cob BBQ Recipe

Corn just like hotdogs and hamburgers are part of the 4th of july celebration. So, do you have a recipe for corn? No, then why not try this recipe I found online to make your corn even more appetizing to your guests.


4th of July BBQ Rib Recipe

Ribs this 4th of July? Why not!

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Grilled Chicken Under A Brick Garlic Rosemary Recipe

This grilled chicken rosemary looks yummy, what do you think guys and gals.

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Grilled Herb Burgers Recipe

Grilling is one of my favorite way of cooking meat and vegetables. My husbands think my cooking and eating habit is unhealthy because I love grilled food. But, I don’t think grilling is unhealthy especially when it comes to meat. When you grill, you skip adding oil to your food.

For example, this grilled herb burger definitely healthier to eat than deep fried burgers. I may be wrong, so please enlighten me about this matter. Anyway, whether your grilling to keep away from oily food or just want to continue the 4th of july tradition, you will love this grilled herb burgers recipe I discovered online. I’m definitely trying this recipe on Saturday. By the way, I’m not celebrating America’s independence day just my parent’s 36th wedding anniversary.

This coming fourth of July make your holiday extra special by serving mouthwatering dish. By the way, for copy of the recipes please click on the link to take you to the website where the recipes are published. Thank you for dropping by and happy fourth of July!

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