Are you tired of your usual holiday destination? Or looking for a hotel to stay with an amazing swimming pool?  The world is vast and full of beautiful places that there is no doubt that you can find an excellent hotel with cool swimming pool for your next vacation.

 In fact, you can find some of the amazing swimming pool designs in the world in this page as I have compiled hotel swimming pools that you should check out.  

Amazing Swimming Pools

The following amazing swimming pools will inspire you to take a vacation, no doubt about it.

Hanging Garden Ubod

Indonesia is home to one of the coolest pool in the world, the Ubod Hanging Gardens. The famous hanging garden is located in Desa Buahan Desa Payangan, Payangan, Bali. The garden, literally hangs over a valley, which makes swimming on the infinity pool that overlook the jungle valley a pleasant experience.

Photos of Ubud Hanging Gardens by Orient-Express, Payangan This photo of Ubud Hanging Gardens by Orient-Express is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

Swimming  Pool Design

Katikies Hotel

The Katikies Hotel is a good place to stay in Santorini, Greece.  The hotel offer a to-die-for view, spacious rooms, friendly staff, great service, and fantastic pool, including three private cave pools.

Photos of Katikies Hotel, Oia This photo of Katikies Hotel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Katikies hotel is more than just another luxurious hotel in Santorini but also a Conde Naste Traveller Gold winner since 2004 to 2011, and a Five Star Diamond recognized hotel by the American Academy of Hospitality for 2012 season.

Swimming Pool Pictures

Cave Pool

Swimming Pool Pictures

Swimming Pool

Hotel Costa dei Fiori

Hotel Costa dei Fiori is a 4-star hotel in Pula, a popular hotel in Santa Margherita di Pula because of its outdoor infinity pool that includes a poolside bar or lounge. The infinity pool is simply breathtaking. In fact, you can spend hours by the pool just admiring the views easily as the place simply relaxing and wonderful to spend a vacation.

Pictures of Swimming Pools

Golden Nugget Hotel

Las Vegas is a fantastic place to go for a vacation, especially if you stay in the Golden Nugget hotel. You see, the place is home to one of the coolest pools in the world, so after gambling you can relax and swim with the shark. And I mean, literally swim with the shark as the pool is next to a shark tank, pretty amazing, huh.

Photos of Golden Nugget, Las Vegas This photo of Golden Nugget is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The pool even has a tube slide that runs through the tank, making your time in the pool even more awesome. The hotel is highly recommended especially if you don’t mind staying in the old side of Las Vegas.

Swimming Pool Designs

Holiday Inn

Imagine swimming on a pool, situated on the 24th floor of a tall building. Sounds cool, right? Well, if you think a swimming pool on a tall building is cool, what do you call a pool with a glass bottom? Yes! You read it right, Holiday Inn Shanghai offer guests an amazing pool, wherein swimmers can paddle around and enjoy the view below. Of course, you must not be afraid of heights to enjoy the pool. And for crying out loud, stop wondering what could happen in case the glass breaks, I’m sure the developer made certain the glass is tough.

Best Swimming Pools

The Joule Dallas Hotel

This is the hotel with one of a kind pool. The Joule pool situated on the rooftop and also extends 8 feet beyond the building structure, wherein swimmers can also view the street below.

The pool is not for the faint hearted as the only thing that stands between the swimmer, and the street below is the plexiglass window at the edge of the pool.

Luxury Swimming Pools

Marina Bay Sands

The Marina Bay Sands is developed by the Las Vegas Sands. This hotel is the world most expensive casino (standalone) and longer than the Paris famous landmark, the Eiffel tower.

The $8 billion hotel is approximately 12400 sq meters.

Luxury Swimming Pools

Big Swimming Pools

The San Alfonso del Mar Resort

Big Swimming Pools

The San Alfonso del Mar is known all over the world since its swimming pool is the largest in the world. This private resort swimming pool located in Chile is about 8 hectares, with 250,000 cubic meters water.

Small Swimming Pools

The Library Resort

This 5 star hotel is located in the Koh Samui city center of Thailand, near the Chaweng Noi Beach. Guests can swim at the red pool or the beach, a stone throw away from the hotel.

Small Swimming Pools

Swim Pool

The Park Hyderabad

The Park Hyderabad boasts of a 3-D pool, and view of the Husssian Saggar Lake. The pool violent hue also makes their swimming pool regal and appropriate for a royal relaxation.

The Park Hyderabad is locted in Raj Bhavan Road, Hyderabad, India.

swim pool

Amazing Swimming Pool Pictures

Hotel St. Regis

Hotel St Regis boasts of many things, but its most popular features the gold-plated pool situated in the Iridium Room, a pool designed for spiritual upliftment. Hote St Regis is located in Barkhor, Lhasa, Tibet.


Great Swimming Pools

Huvafen Fushi Resort

Huvafen Fushi Resort offers freshwater pool, wherein you could sip martinis, cocktails and juice while enjoying the magnificent view of the Indian Ocean. You can also dine in the swimming pool as the resort develops to provide complete entertainment and relaxation.

great swimming pools

Swimming Pool Photos

Cambrian Hotel

Do you love skiing and swimming? At Cambrian Hotel, can do both as they have a heated outdoor pool. When you got tired from skiing in the beautiful Swiss Alps, relax in the steamy water of the pool while viewing the snow-capped mountain.

swimming pools photos

Amazing Swimming Pool Designs

Devil’s Swimming Pool

Devil’s swimming pool is located in southern Africa. The world’s most dangerous and highest pool lies at the cliff of the Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River. From September to December or the “bear” month, the natural pool is shallower, which is why people can swim at the infinity pool.

amazing swimming pool designs

Infinity Swimming Pool

Nandana Villa Resort

Nandana offer a private pool that provides an amazing view and serenity. The Balinese style resort is the perfect place to relax and unwind, get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Nandana, Bahamas

Swimming Pool Ideas

This is a cool pool idea, one of the best swimming pool ideas that you can copy for your home or hotel.

Swimming Pool Ideas

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