Filipinos is known throughout the world for being family oriented, hospitable, friendly, and for their endearing traits. Yes! The Filipinos have so many habits that certainly set us apart, from other nationalities. In fact, anywhere in the world, pinoys resourcefulness and adaptability are praised as we seem to come up with solutions that are only pinoys.

But of course, if there are good habits there are also annoying habits that turn off a lot of people and even make them cringe. Come to think of it! Some of the popular personal habits of many Filipinos are truly unbelievable, especially when it comes to our eating habits. If you have no idea about Filipinos common bad habits, then you are in the right page as I have listed down some annoying habits that are hard to break.

Filipino Habits

#1 Filipino Time

Pinoys are known for being late all the time, even in parties most Filipinos tend to arrive 30 minutes late, past the official time indicated in the invitation. Why were late, all the time even during parties, simply because arriving earlier would imply that we are too eager to eat and to party. Additionally, we believe that the other guests would also be arriving late, so it is useless to arrive on time when the party will start late.

By the way, this habit is very true as I know a lot of people that purposely arrived late for parties, including myself…

Unhealthy Eating Habits

#2 Eat All You Can

I’m one of the many Filipinos that fill their plates with different foods to save myself from going back to the long table again and again. In fact, it is common to see people during birthdays, fiestas and other occasions with plates stacked with servings of pancit, fried chicken, lumpia, spaghetti, rice and even desserts like fruit salad or macaroni salad since as long as there is still a space left on the plate expect us Filipinos to mix foods expertly.

image source unknown
image source unknown

This annoying habit considered normal and even encouraged by the hosts as we love to please our guests by letting them try all the foods we have prepared. However, this habit has a downside as a lot of foods get wasted every time, with people getting more than what they can actually eat. In view of this fact, I definitely, would not mind if this habit stops for good as I hate to see people wasting foods.

#3 Unlimited Rice

Philippines is a rice-eating nation, no doubt about it. We are very proud of our rice that even during “merienda” or snacks most pinoy would eat rice, probably why the offer of “unlimited rice” by many restaurants are extremely popular.

Mang Inasal, Tokyo Tokyo and other restaurant offering unli-rice are the favorite place of rice eating pinoys. Take note, this is one eating habits of pinoy that are unhealthy as excessive carbohydrate can make us obese, diabetic and sleepy.

Eating Habits

#4 Chicken Gravy

image source unknown
image source unknown

Pinoys love for excessiveness or for getting more than what they need does not end with rice given that we also love to fill our plates with gravy. Yes, you read it right, Filipinos just love to pour gravy on their plates to cover the rice, even if the chicken is so tiny… if you don’t believe me, try eating at KFC and watch how diners expertly cover their chicken and even plates with the thick, delicious brown gravy of the famous fast food restaurant.

Let’s face it! A lot of Pinoys take advantage of the free refill to compensate for the small sized chicken and rice portion. Besides, who could resists KFC gravy, the darn thing is just too good.

Worst Habits

# 5 Take Home

Filipinos considered pabalot or take home part of the tradition, so much that some guests even bring their own container to the party to save some foods as soon as most of the guests leave. Filipinos habit of hoarding foods during parties are extremely popular, which is why some hosts have prepared ahead of time and have pabalot for guests that did not bring any container but would love to bring some of the foods in the buffet table to their home.

This habit is very true, definitely happening every day across the country. After all, most hosts don’t mind since pabalots is just another way of sharing our blessings even though this annoying habit will have us giving the leftovers to guests after feeding them wholeheartedly.

Filipinos annoying eating habits maybe out of this world, even considered unhealthy habits by experts. Filipinos being good-natured naturally, would just consider these unhealthy eating habits part of being pinoy.

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