Are you looking for new christmas cupcake ideas? The Christmas season is fast approaching again and , most people starting preparing their menus and giveaways, because why not. This is a season when it is better to start early than later especially if you are a busy bee.

Christmas is a special occasion, an event that takes a lot of time to prepare because there is too much to do. Well, don’t let the holiday rush catch you again, better start making the list and buying the gifts. It is also important that you plan the Christmas dinner menu and dessert. There are tons of desserts that just perfect for the holiday but choosing the one dessert that would make the occasion extra special is frustrating. The endless ideas can definitely make you dizzy and frustrated. In order to help you out, I have collected a few Christmas cupcakes ideas from Pinterest.

These Christmas cupcakes ideas from Pinterest are perfect for Christmas morning, lunch or dinner. By the way, dessert doesn’t have to be sweet all the time as you can also try savory cupcake to tickle the taste buds once in a while.

Christmas Cupcake Ideas from Pinterest

Below are just some of the cupcake ideas for Christmas that caught my attention while browsing Pinterest. These cupcakes are worth trying out this coming holiday season.

Christmas Tree

Tired of the same boring chocolate cupcake you are serving every Christmas? This Cheesecake stuffed cupcake is a good recipe and very easy to do. It also looks yummy and perfect for the coming holiday.


Cheesecake Stuffed Christmas Tree

 Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Turn your ordinary cupcakes into festive Christmas trees with a tree cupcake. This is a Christmas tree that you can definitely enjoy eating. There are cute and the kids can also help you make them for they are easy enough to do. The cupcakes are sure to bring on happiness from those who get them.



Christmas Tree Cupcakes

Santa Cupcakes

Christmas is incomplete without Santa. So, how about a Santa cupcakes to celebrate the spirit of Christmas.



Christmas Cupcakes

Santa Hat Cupcake with Homemade Icing

I lovee this Santa hat cupcakes ideas that I saw on Pinterest. It looks delish and easy to do even for a newbie.

Santa Hat Cupcake

Elf Hat Cupcakes

The month of December is my favorite time of the year as I can go crazy with desserts. Plus! The holiday season also makes it right to create a holiday treat that would receive “ohhs and “ahhs” from those who saw and receive them. So, it is just right that I include the “Elf Hat cupcakes” on my list of good cupcake ideas for Christmas.



Elf Hat Cupcake

Santa Hat Frosting


Santa Hat Frosting

Christmas Lights Cupcakes

The Christmas light cupcakes looks yummy and even my  5 year old daughter can do the icing. It is so easy to do.


Christmas Light Cupcakes

Adorable Rudolph The Reindeer Cupcake

Are you a fan of Rudolph? If so, you will love this Rudolph the Reindeer cupcake ideas that I discovered on Pinterest. It so easy to make, you just need to bake a plain vanilla cupcakes and prepare the whipped chocolate mouse that you will use for piping. The antlers are just pretzels, the eyeballs can be made with frosting and the red nose is just a shiny red gumball.

There is no doubt that all your guests at the party will love them. Look at it, the Rudolph Reindeer cupcake is just adorable.



Adorable Rudolph Reindeer Cupcake


Rudolph The Red Nosed  Cupcakes

Rudolph the red nosed Reindeer have a very shiny nose, la la la. I love the song just as I enjoy looking at the cupcake that are made from scratch.


Reindeer Cupcake

Reindeer Cupcakes

Reindeer Cupcakes

Santa Legs Cupcakes

This Santa legs cupcakes idea is another winner. It is funny, looks delicious and seems easy enough to make.

Santa Legs Cupcake

Christmas  Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

Are you looking for Christmas cupcake toppers tutorial? Well, I got a topper tutorial that just for you just click on the link below to learn how to create toppers for Christmas.


Christmas Cupcake Toppers Tutorial

Easy and Delicious Snowman Cupcakes

Snowman is one of the symbols of Christmas. So, it is always a good idea to have a snowman that you can eat.


Easy Snowman Cupcake

>h3>Snowman Cupcakes


Snowman Cupcakes

DIY Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes

The DIY Marshmallow Snowman cupcakes can help you create a perfect snowman for dessert this holiday season.


DIY Marshmallow Snowman Cupcakes

Christmas Baubles Cupcake Toppers

Are you browsing for edible gift ideas? These Christmas baubles toppers you are looking at is easy to do especially with a video tutorial to show you how to make one.

Giving edible gifts like cupcake for christmas is a pretty cool idea as this have become popular. You can save a great deal of money with edible Christmas gift. Making homemade gifts are also perfect way to spend time with your kids and other loved ones.


Christmas Baubles Cupcake Toppers

Snow Globe Gelatin Bubbles

It is always fun to create homemade gifts especially edible ones. The Snow Globe bubbles cupcakes are good gifts and inexpensive to do.


Snow Globe Gelatin Bubbles

Christmas Cupcakes Toppers

Fondant toppers can definitely liven up your plain vanilla cupcakes.

Christmas Cupcakes Toppers

Candy Cane Cupcakes

Candy cane is always available on Christmas. Both kids and adult love them so adding them to your cupcakes is one way to enjoy the sweet treat.


Vanilla Candy Cane Cupcakes


Sparkling Cranberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

So, you don’t like overdoing things even desserts. The Sparkling Cranberry white chocolate cupcakes are great to serve on dinner or giveaway to friends and relatives.

Sparkling Cranberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

Snow Flakes Cupcakes

The chocolate cupcakes with vanilla cream cheese frosting has been made extra special with a beautiful royal icing snowflakes. The cupcakes look classy and expensive, so you can serve them on Christmas dinner.



Snowflake Cupcakes


Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes

Looks yummy!

Raspberry White Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Are you a fan of bacon? Do you want a savory cupcake for dessert this Christmas? If you say yes to both questions then check out this Maple Bacon cupcakes.

Maple Bacon Cupcakes

Apple Cupcakes with Streusel Apple Buttercream

This is another buttercream frosting that you can easily create. It is perfect for all occasion so give it a try.


Apple Cupcakes with Streusel Apple Buttercream

Thank you for visiting my page and checking out the christmas cupcakes ideas from Pinterest. The images are not mine. I do not own nor claim them as mine, you can click the link to get to the original owner and the recipe for the cupcakes.

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