baby shower game ideaDo you want your baby shower to be fun? A lot of people do not understand that baby showers should not be just for the future mom to be, even though the occasion is meant to celebrate pregnancy and the coming of a new baby. In fact, the party is for everyone attending, that’s why the guests should also be entertained and having a grand time just like mom-to-be. You can make the guests feel appreciated by making sure there are funny baby shower games to keep them entertained.

Baby shower games provide more than just entertainment to the guests including the guest of honor, which is the mom-to-be but also a way to get close with friends and family members. If you are planning games for the party but have no ideas what are the best games to play for baby showers, my list of baby shower games can help you a lot in keeping the party going.

Baby Shower Games Ideas

The following are 20 baby shower games that you might want to consider for your baby shower party.

1. Baby Bottle Drinking

– This game is great for both men and women as guests just need to drink from the bottle filled with milk, beer, or soft drinks. The first guest to drink the entire content of the bottle wins the game.

2. Baby Name Game

– This is an easy game to play as guest just needs to come up with the most number of baby names in a short time wins. But, the baby names must start with the letter of the alphabet given by the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Games for Girls


3. Baby Price Is Right

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– Are you familiar with the television show, called “The Price is Right.” If you are then you know that this is a fun game to play as you get to engage everyone, at the party. You see, guests participating must guess the price of the baby items shown by the host. The person who gets to guess correctly or have an answer close enough wins the prize.

4. Word Game

– Guest must make words out of the words “Baby Shower” in the allotted time. The person with the most words gets to take home the prize.

5. Guess The Number of Candy in A Bottle

– Get a jar or bottle, fill it with small candies or items like M&M. But make sure you count pieces of candies as you will ask the guest to guess how many are inside the bottle. The person whose guess comes closest wins and he or she gets to take home the jar/bottle filled with candies aside from the prize.

6. Raffle Game

–If you want your baby shower to be more fun, give each your guest raffle ticket as soon as they walk through the door. Tell them to hold onto the ticket because there is a raffle draw, wherein special prizes raffled off.

7. Don’t Say Baby

– This is one of the popular baby shower games because of the game simplicity. You see, the host give a safety pin to the all the guest and tell them that the word “baby” is strictly forbidden. Anyone caught saying the forbidden word will have their pin confiscated by the person who caught them, the one with the most pins collected wins.

8. Nursery Rhyme Game

– This is a game for people who love to sing the nursery rhyme as guests should fill the missing words, so they must be familiar with nursery songs. A good example of nursery rhyme is, “Mary had a little lamb, its ___ was.”

9. Name that Tune

– The object of the game is to have someone guess the name of the song, a nursery rhyme. And whoever guesses the song wins.

10. Guess the Tummy Size

– Ask guests to guess the tummy measurement of the future mom-to-be. Whoever guesses correctly or get close enough to the real measurement wins. The participants must write down their answer on a piece of paper with their name to avoid cheating.

11. Celebrity Baby Name Game

– Create a list of celebrity names then list the name of their children. Have the guests match the parents to the right kids, and the most number of correct guesses, wins.

Baby Shower Games for Men

12. What’s for Dinner

– If you want to see your guests hilarious then this is the game to play. The guests participating in the game are asks to determine what type of baby food in the 5-10 jars that been laid out in the table or pass around.

13. Time Capsule

– Ask everyone attending the baby shower to bring items for the time capsule. This could be a newspaper clippings, photo, letters to the unborn child and other items that can be placed in a keepsake box to be opened in the future by the child.

14. What’s In The Purse

– Guests are given a paper with predetermined list wherein they need to mark off the items found in their purse. The items have an equivalent point, so whoever gets the most points declared as the winner.

15. Baby Bingo

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– Guests are given a bingo card, they need to fill the blank boxes with possible gifts that mommy will receive later. When it is time to open the gifts, they will mark off the box with the gift receive by the mom. The first person to call out “Bingo” wins.


16. Name the Baby Animal

– This is another game worth considering for your baby shower party as the game definitely easy to play. Just create two list one contains the names of adult animals and the other list their babies then asks the guests to match the adult animal with the baby name. The person with the most correct wins the game.

17. Memory Game

– The game is great for a guest with a good memory since the game require memorization. It is easy to play the memory game as guests just need to remember the name of the items on a try that are pass around the room then taken away.

18. Hide The Baby Items

– If you want the party to be fun then make sure you include this game to the baby shower. After all, it is definitely fun to have guest digging into a bag containing diaper, pacifier, powder and other baby essentials. The guest will then put their hand inside the bag and feel the content for a minute. The guest that can name more items wins.

19. Name The Children

– This is an easy game to play. You see the guests can guess the name of the popular TV show as well as name the name of celebrity and their kids.

20. Guess The Baby Food Category

– Give paper and pencil to each of the guests then let them write down baby food item to the right category. The first person to come up with acceptable answers win.

Baby Shower Games for Kids

baby shower games for kidsBaby showers can be stress free even with kids around as long as you keep them busy. That’s right, it is a must to keep the children occupied so mommy and daddy can play without having to rush to their kids. You can do this by including baby shower games for kids like baby shower art. This is a game wherein the kids are ask to create baby essentials with play-doh. The most beautiful creation wins the game.

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

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There are a lot of free printable baby shower games in the internet, so just download the game card to save time. Many websites offer printable game cards so there is no doubt that you can easily find a game card for your baby shower.

Baby Shower Game Prizes

Baby shower games prizes do not have be very expensive. In fact, you can use your baby shower favors as the game prizes if you are short on the budget. I’m sure, the guests will not mind if you make the baby shower as game prizes instead of just giving them the “thank you” gift.

Guests who did not win from any of the games can still get a baby shower favors before they go home.

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