halloween party game for kidsAre you wondering about what games to play at a Halloween party? Every year a lot of people throw Halloween party for kids to keep them entertained and off the streets as trick-or-treat is a bit risky particularly to small children. Halloween party can definitely make the Halloween festival memorable and exciting for both adults and kids even if they do not observe the tradition of trick-or-treat.

Halloween party is a perfect alternative to trick-or-treating as kids can still get a bag of treat without risking themselves. However, creating a stir in your party is not an easy feat as sometimes it takes more than good food and company to get everyone moving. In fact, if you really want the guests moving then you really need to do something. Fortunately, you do not need to humiliate yourself, crack a Halloween jokes or do anything crazy to make the kids laugh, and the adults smiling until the end of the party especially when the kids and adults can have a great time playing cool Halloween party games.

That’s right, playing classical and traditional Halloween games for kids and adults can have everyone in your party moving and having a good time. And as said earlier, you are very lucky as I have compiled some of the best games for Halloween party. These games are arranged and good for all age groups, easy, and fun to do even if some of the games are a bit challenging. The games will keep the kids occupied and the adults laughing.

Halloween Party Games

Games for Halloween party are necessary to keep the spirit of the holiday alive and for guests to interact with each other. Party games should be organized for kids and their parents, so everyone in your party will go home feeling happy and satisfied as you have filled their tummy with delicious food and memory bank with happy moments.

Halloween Party Games for Kids

Kids are easy to entertain as long as you have good food and great Halloween party games lined up from start to finish. To make your party successful, the following game ideas for kids can help you.

Halloween Party Game Ideas

Bobbing Apples

This is the most popular traditional Halloween game and the oldest. Bobbing apples often played on Halloween because it is a hilarious game, easy to arrange and definitely messy, doubling the joy of kids.

In order to play the game, you must have lots of apples in various sizes and a large tub that is filled halfway. Remove the stems of all the apples and placed them inside the tub. Don’t forget to mark one apple, with a Halloween sign. The person to retrieve the marked apples without using their hands just the mouth wins the game.

Bobbing apples are also great for group bobbing, but you will need a larger tub, one that allows several kids to dive at once. The players must collect as many apples as they can in a minute or two. The person with the most number of apples collected wins.

Pass The Orange

Pass the orange is a game perfect for small children and adults. To play the game, there must be two teams and each should form a circle. Once the two teams ready, placed an orange under the chin of one player. Do the same with the other team, and tell both teams to pass the oranges to the player next to them without using their hands just their chin. The first team to pass the orange back to the first person, who holds the orange, wins the game.

pass the orange

Passing oranges require a bit of skill as only team with people who can neatly transfer the orange has a chance of winning. After all, it is not easy to get orange once it falls to the ground. The player will have to lie down, kneel to get the orange under her or his chin again.

Snapping Apples

Snapping Apples is another interesting apple game that kids can play on Halloween. In Snapping Apples, you need to hang several apples from a tree or ceiling with a twine or string for easy snapping. Tie their hands behind their back as players must get the apples with their mouth.

snapping apples game

To make the game even more hilarious, hang the apples a little higher so contestant will have to jump to retrieve the apples. You can improve or moderate the game, make it less challenging; it is up to you – the game master.

Pin The Wart on Witch

This game is similar to “Pin the Tail on a Donkey” game, the difference is that instead of the tail the players will have to pin the wart to the witch. The game is also great for keeping toddlers busy. Children find this an interesting game and hilarious as the witch looks funny with a wart on the ears, cheeks, foreheads instead of the nose.

To play the game, blindfold the child, bring him or her to the witch face, and let each child stick the warts. The child who pinned the wart at the right place wins.

Halloween Party Games for Tweens

Tweens or teenagers can play a lot of games on Halloween like “Twirl the Apple” a fortune telling game exclusively for women. The game provides insights on love, which a lot of women finds entertaining. To play the game, you must have an apple with a long steam. Get a string and tie it to the apple steam, give each girl an apple. Asks them to twirl the apple in the bonfire or fireplace and the first tie to break off and falls in the fire will be one to marry first. The girl whose apples remain on the string will become an unmarried woman or spinster.

Pass the balloon, peanut race and Halloween pumpkin games and treasure hunt game are Halloween party games for tweens, kids and adults that you can organize for your party.

Adult Halloween Party Games

Adults can play “Haunted House Game,” “Halloween Word Scramble” and “Fortune Games” and other games that you think suitable for your guests. Adults Halloween party games are wonderful for those who are young at heart and love adventure, as well as being scared on Halloween day.

Halloween party games should be fun, the games should have guests laughing and interacting with each other. So, choose games well, especially since parties are synonymous with fun that’s why your Halloween games should be enjoyed by people not just for passing time.

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