As a tourist, you are not just responsible for yourself, so it’s imperative to respect the customs and traditions of the country you are visiting. If you cannot respect the people and their culture, you might as well stay at home.

Travel is about meeting people, discovering things, experiencing new cultures and out of this world food. If you are afraid to venture, discover, and explore, you can never be truly happy on your trip. But of course, you should also know how to become a tourist to leave a good lasting impression.

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A lot of tourists forgot their manners when travelling, and these can be dangerous and stupid especially when traveling to middle eastern countries. In fact, whether you are dealing with a porter, taxi driver, or vendor, you should keep in mind that its pays to be respectful to the natives.

In order to help you become a successful tourist, I have listed down a few do’s and don’ts of traveling to a foreign land.

Here are ways to be responsible tourist:

How To Become A Tourist

1. Do Extensive Research or Homework

Traveling let you experience the different facet of life, first hand. This is fine, but it’s also wise to read up and do your homework to prepare for a hassle free travelling. After all, knowing a few things about the country can prepare you for the unexpected.

2. Blend In

This is fine, but it’s also wise to read up and do your homework to know the local customs such as the way the locals dresses, what’s hot and not, etc. more so when in the Middle East wherein modesty is mandatory.

Take note, blending-in may not be crucial to travelling but it’s certainly more advantageous than standing out all the time. Besides, you can have a grand time bargaining when shopping in bazaars and most of all you can travel around without catching so much attention.

3. Mind the Manners

Forgot about the adage “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” because whatever you do, rest assured that it would haunt you. Keep in mind that you are just travelling to a new world, there is no need to behave improperly especially nowadays when the world is fast becoming smaller and smaller. How? Video my friend, everyone has a phone with cam, so it’s not surprising to be the star of your own movie.

4. When In Rome, Do what the Romans Do

There are countries when it’s customary for visitors to drink or eat what the hosts serves you. But of course, you do not have to binge and just devour everything that comes your way, let your stomach settle first and get used to the local food before trying the most exotic dishes in town.

5. Learn Important Words

You don’t have to be a linguist overnight just learn a few words like “how much” or “hello” to get by when traveling to exotic destinations. Additionally, the locals will appreciate you even more when you can converse a little bit, which leads me to the next topic “talking with the locals.”

6.  Chat up The Locals

You can learn a lot by chatting up the locals. After all, people do love to talk about the latest news and of course their lives. In fact, you can have a pleasant time talking to a local as you get to learn everything that seem ordinary to them but can be a thrilling mystery novel to you.



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