Mines View Park
Mines View Park

The Philippines is located at the eastern part of Asia, and home to over 7,000 islands. Friendly locals, different indigenous tribes and the happiest people on earth reside in the country. Aside from the hospitable people, pristine beaches, historic sites, and natural wonders the tourist spots in the Philippines is also a good reason to spend your holiday in the country.

If you are planning to visit but have no idea about Philippine tourist spots then this article can help you, as I have listed the top tourist spots from north to South of the Philippines.

10 Tourist Spots in the Philippines

Tourist Spots in Philippines

10. Tagaytay

Taal Volcano
Taal Volcano

Tagaytay is a popular tourist spot because of its proximity to Metro Manila, the capital of the Philippines. You see, the Bulalo capital is just 2-3 hours drive from Manila, so you can spend a day in Tagaytay and be back to Manila for dinner. It is a second summer destination for both foreign and local tourists simply because of its cool climate, beautiful scenery, and fresh air.

When you visit Tagaytay make sure you check out tourists spots like the Residence Inn Zoo, People Park in the Sky, Calaruega Church, Picnic Grove, Tagaytay Highlands and the famous Taal Volcano, the smallest volcano in the country for the view and fresh air.

By the way, when in Tagaytay you can play golf, sightseeing, ziplining, ride on a cable car or go picnicking. You should also try their mushroom burger, fried tawilis and of course, their legendary beef bulalo also known as beef shank stew.

Tourist Spots Philippines

9. Baguio City

Baguio city is the coldest place in the country the reason it is the summer capital of the Philippines. Its high altitude location and many tourist spots like the Botanical Garden, Burnham Park, Mines View, The Mansion, Wright Park, Camp John Hay and the beautiful and clean scenery are the reason why a lot of people visit Baguio not just every summer but all year round.

When in Baguio, whether to have a retreat or just to have a relaxing vacation some of the activities that you can do to make your vacation complete are activities such as horseback riding, biking, play golf, skating and sightseeing. The must try food in the summer capital are peanut brittle, purple yam, strawberry jam, strawberries and fresh vegetables.

Best Tourist Spots in the Philippines

8. Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue Rice Terraces is located in the Mt. province. The mountain stairway and 1995 Unesco world heritage site is 2000 years old and made by native Filipinos, specifically the ifugao. When visiting, be prepared to walk or bike since it is the popular mode of transportation to the man-made stairway, but don’t worry you will have a grand time as the views are spectacular and you can meet the native inhabitants when you go to the famous spots such as the Guihod Natural Pool, Matang-Lag Bronze Smiths and Poitan Village.

Tourist Spots of The Philippines

7. Bantayan Island

Cebu is home to the infamous Bantayan Island and Malaspacua, one of the best beaches in the Philippines. Bantayan white sand and unspoiled beaches are truly a paradise and Malaspacual in Daan Bantayan is a diver’s paradise. Apart from the sun and sands the Province of Cebu is also a popular tourist destination because of its many attractions like the Tops a sightseeing spot that let you view entire Metro Cebu and Mactan Island. I have been to the Tops twice, and the trip is worth it as the view is spectacular at night and during sun rise.

Cebu is also famous for their Lechon, a roasted pig, and friendly people. There is a lot to see in the city such as the Taoist Temple, Jesuit House, Simala Shrine, St Peter and Paul Church and more.

Famous Tourist Spots in the Philippines

6. Surigao

Surigao is the surfing capital of the Philippines. So, if you are a surfer, head to Surigao to check out the world class waves, friendly people and tourist spots such as the Day-Asan Floating Villages, Surigao Strait, Raza island and many more.

Bohol Tourist Spots

5. Chocolate Hills

Chocolate Hills is one of the best tourist spot in Bohol. The over 1, 260 hills spread over 50 square kl is the country’s third geological monument. When in Bohol, you should also check out the Panglao, one of the best beaches in the province. Other points of interest are the Blood Company monument, Baclayon church, man made mahogany forest, Hinagdanan Cave and Sagbayan Peak.

Beutiful Tourist spot in Philippines

4. Pagudpud

Farther in the north is Pagudpud, a famous tourist spot in the Philippines and well known for its clear water and white sand beach. Pagudpud is a great place to unwind and relax because of its peaceful surrounding. The boracay of the north is just as beautiful as Boracay but a lot quieter, since there is no bars and establishment alongside the beach of Pagudpud.

Philippine Tourist Spots

3. Crocodile Park

philippine tourist spotIn the heart of Davao city lies a place filled with the most dangerous and wildest creatures to walk the earth, the crocodiles. The Crocodile Farm is one of the top tourist spots in the city, along with the Philippine Eagle Nature Center, Mt Apo and many other interesting places.

The Tourist Spots  in the Philippines

2. Boracay

Boracay is well known around the world for its clear water, white and powder like sands. It is also a famous tourist spots in the Philippines since the place offer tourist’s safe, relaxing place and fun activities. The activities that you can try when in Boracay are scuba diving, windsurfing, snorkeling, boardsailing, kite boarding, horse riding, caving, yachting and many more.
Boracay famous spots include Yapak, Bulabog Beach, Whitewater River, The Bat Caves, Mount Luho, White Sand Beach, and Dead Forest.

Top Tourist Spots  in Philippines

1. Palawan

Underground River
Underground River

Palawan is hailed in 2007 as the best island destination not just in the Philippines but also in the East and Southeast region according to the National Geographic Traveller Magazine.

The Province of Palawan is also a popular tourist destination because of its friendly people, clean and green city, beautiful beaches, and popular tourist spots like the “Underground River,” the longest subterranean river park and 2012 finalist to the new 7 Wonders of Nature.

Palawan is also home to different islets like the Honda Bay, Coron and the world-renowned El Nido resort. Other famous spots in Palawan are the Calauit Island Wildlife Sanctuary, Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center, Tabon Caves and the controversial Tubbataha Reef, another Unesco world heritage site.

When in Palawan, snorkeling, swimming, caving, island hopping and diving are the usual activities of locals and foreign tourists.
The Philippines is a great country to unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle of life. These tourist spots can give you a wonderful time and since the country is tropical, you can visit anytime of the year. The tourist spots can help you plan your vacation well. Start planning your vacation and explore the Philippine tourist spots.

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