Travel is one of life’s pleasures, aside from sex and good food. Going to beautiful places, trying out new things, and meeting new people are some of the reason why a lot of people travel a lot. If you are going to a foreign country, whether for business or pleasure, you have to be careful so you can be safe and to avoid scammers.

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You see, going to foreign countries is exciting, no doubt about it. However, the excitement and joy of travel can make people relax, so much that they tend to ignore warning signs. That’s why, I have put a list of things to avoid and watch out for while travelling to another country.

International Travel Tips

1. Never Travel Alone at Night – It is always safe to travel during daytime especially if you are travelling alone and a woman more so if on a country with a high rate of rape and crimes. In fact, you will be safer if with a group whether you are a man or a woman simply because most travel crimes happen at night.

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2. Tricky Cab Drivers – All over the world, we hear stories of how some travelers ripped off by tricky taxi drivers. Unfortunately, it is not easy to distinguish which driver is good and bad just by looking, so you just have to be wise in dealing with them. For one, never be afraid to ask if you think that the driver is just going around in circles or agree to be taken to another restaurant just because the driver says the place is closed, and he knows another one, much better and just nearby. What you should do is insist to be taken to the original restaurant to see for yourself whether the place is actually close or not. Furthermore, do not agree on a fixed rate especially if the place is not that far anyway.

India Travel Tips

3. Don’t Get too Excited in Market Place – when wandering through the local marketplace, it is best to keep your excitement to yourself specially when you find something you really liked. Keep in mind that once the store keepers or owners noticed your excitement and eagerness they can push up the price. And whenever shop owner starts a conversation, keep your answer short but be nice more so when you haggle for the best price.

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4. Packed Trains and Buses – Riding a crowded bus or train takes away privacy and space, so be more alert and pay attention to the slightest thing as most accident of pick pocketing occur in crowded public transport networks. Most of the time, criminals would take the wallet of the unsuspecting traveller and then jump of the train or bus before the door closes.

Europe Travel Tips

5. Never Accept Free Drinks or Food From Strangers – Our parents always tells us when we are kids “never speak to strangers” but now that we are old, it’s now “never accept free food and drinks” from someone we just meet on the bar or restaurant. These days, it is fine to be more careful than sorry later, so just buy your own drink when going out at night and alone in a foreign country. If you have seen the movie hostel then you know why it is foolish to accept drinks from strangers.

6. Ask Direction – When asking direction, always ask the police or someone in uniform rather than just bystanders to avoid confusing instructions. By the way, you can avoid getting lost when you ask directions from the guest relation officer of the hotel you are staying.

7. Never Accept Free Ride – The same thing with accepting free drinks, you should also avoid accepting strangers offer of a free ride unless you are sure the driver is harmless and just interested in helping you.

Safety Travel Tips

8. Bar Scam – Travel is fun as you get to meet a lot of people from different backgrounds, but there is one you should avoid and that is pretenders more than ever if you don’t want to end up with a large bill after drinking with your so called new friends. Travelers, usually male can easily be scammed by good looking women  in a bar. The men approached by women and invited for a drink. Then after a few drinks, the women would disappear and you know what happen next, you have a large bill in your hand. You will definitely end up scratching your head, in awe or confusion as to what happened.

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9. Picture Picture – Many tourists’ sites in some countries have photographers that would take pictures of you without permission and then ask you to pay for photos. If you see them, immediately tell them to stop and say you will never pay for the pictures as you have your own camera. If you don’t, they will ask you to pay for ridiculously high price pictures.

10. Don’t Fall For Sad Stories – It is common for travelers to meet someone asking for money to buy some foods or for transportation. If approached by someone asking you for help, do not believe outright their stories as some people just want to get your attention so they can swipe your money or wallet once you get them out.  Take note, it is fine to help someone just be alert and never get money from your wallet or bag.







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