Are you looking for the best wedding cakes? Choosing a wedding cake can be frustrating at times because of the wide selection of cakes to choose from unless you have a firm design in mind. If you don’t, well, researching for your dream cake may take time, but the best style of cake can be made with a little help from an excellent cake creator, you just have to decide on what is the kind of cake you wish for your wedding celebration. This article talks about wedding cake ideas, so read on.

As said awhile ago, unless you have a firm design idea for your wedding cake, you need to take time off from work to look around at wedding cakes to get an idea and to allocate the right amount of funds as well as find the right cake specialist to make your dream cake a reality.

Take note, the best cake maker are always in high demand, so delaying your booking can lead to disappointment. Luckily, for you, I have a few wedding cake ideas to help you find the best cake design to save you time. Some cake makers will add some wonderful wedding wishes to each wedding cake to make it something really wonderful

Below are wedding cake ideas from simple wedding cakes to elegant wedding cakes for more options. So, take a look at the wedding cakes pictures for inspiration.

Wedding Cake Ideas Pictures

Simple Wedding Cake Ideas

wendy-wedding-cake-side-view1 There are times when grandiose wedding cakes will not cut it or just don’t feel right because of the venue, budget, or simply because a simple wedding cake just seems more chic and perfect for the bride than an elegant cake. After all, simple wedding cakes are usually anything but a simple cake.

It is true that the cake maybe just a carrot cake or chocolate cake, but it takes a skill and years of practice to make a cake simple yet elegant looking. Cakes decorated with just ribbons, pearls, flowers or cake toppers may seem simple, but the simplicity is what makes the cake a work of art.

So, before you start ignoring the so-called simple wedding cakes, keep in mind that sometimes less is beautiful.

Wedding Cake Ideas Simple


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Small Wedding Cake Ideas


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Wedding Cake Pictures and Ideas

WhiteWeddingCakes (1)

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Wedding Cake Design Ideas


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Square Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes over the years have evolved from boring to exciting and great tasting cakes. There are no longer just three-tiers, bland tasting, and often half-eaten because of the poor taste of the cake. Today, the bride has a lot to say when it comes to the wedding cake from design to the taste, probably why cake maker ensure the wedding cakes are not just pleasing to eyes but also delicious.

Square wedding cakes are highly popular among younger couples since the cake represent the new generation. However, the intricacy of most modern cakes can make the wedding cakes expensive since they are more difficult to create and require enough time.

Nevertheless, if you wish for a modern cake with intricate design, square wedding cakes can make your wedding celebration complete as this cakes designed to look hip and cool.

Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas tier square white wedding cake with fresh flowers on top

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Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas


25th Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas


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50th Wedding Anniversary Cake Ideas


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Wedding Cake Design Ideas Cakes

The wild imagination of today’s youth has resulted in wedding cakes that clearly redefine the meaning of wedding cakes. Why, well, if you will look at the unique wedding cakes below, your thoughts would be the cakes are either anti-marriage or just plain weird.

By the way, unique wedding cakes maybe something unexpected and strange but these types of cakes are very popular because of their uniqueness and sense of humor. But of course, weird and strange cakes are not for everyone, but in case it is for you then I hope the wedding cakes ideas below can give you an idea.

Wedding Cake Designs Ideas


Unique wedding Cake (22)

Unique wedding Cake (23)

Unique wedding Cake (4)

Cheap Wedding Cake Ideas

Unique wedding Cake

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Elegant Wedding Cakes

Elegant wedding cakes are perfect for elegant wedding celebration. You see! An elegant cake is the perfect centerpiece to a reception since it adds style. Many couples prefer elegant wedding cakes to the contemporary cakes or unusual cakes because it is suitable to the wedding theme and venue.

Plus! They want to make the celebration even more special and an elegantly design cake is all that is needed to complete the wedding preparation. If you are the traditional type of bride, elegant cakes are just the perfect cake for your wedding.

Ruby Wedding Cake Ideas


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Wedding Shower Cake Ideas


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Vintage Wedding Cake Ideas


Mini Wedding Cakes

Mini wedding cakes are fast becoming popular since the cakes can serve as an edible wedding favors. In fact, a lot of brides prefers Mini cakes since these cakes replace the usual wedding favors. Additionally, the cakes can add color and style to the wedding reception as the mini wedding cakes can be a table centerpiece.

Mini cakes are the perfect cake when you want to deviate from the traditional cake for your wedding. Mini wedding cakes are not just lovely as wedding cakes but also great as favors, table centerpiece, and practical, look, and taste good.

Cupcake Wedding Cake Ideas




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Cupcake wedding cakes are another hot trend in the cake industry and just like the mini cakes an excellent edible wedding favors. In fact, the cupcakes when individually box, tied with ribbons and tag are also the perfect treats to guests, probably why a lot of the brides also prefer a cupcake cakes for their weddings.

If you want a different wedding cake but find unusual cakes too much, know that cupcake cakes are great alternative to the traditional cake.



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Wedding Cakes Decorating Ideas

Tiered Wedding Cakes



contemporary cake 1

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Fall Wedding Cakes

Cakes with autumnal look are very popular every fall season, as the cake maker don’t have to go over the top with decors. Most of the time it is best to decorate fall wedding cakes with flowers, herbs, fruits and simple ornaments. See below for fall wedding cake ideas.


Naked Wedding Cakes

Naked wedding cakes are simply wedding cakes without icing. They look pretty and delicious enough, even if decorated with just flowers, berries and fruits. If you are running out of wedding cake ideas, know that naked cakes are awesome for July and outdoor wedding celebration. Keep in mind that a delicious cake does not need frosting since they are just that, icing on the cake…

martha stewart


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wedding cakes

Donut Wedding Cake Ideas

Donut wedding cakes are also popular to couples wanting an alternative to traditional wedding cakes of white, fondant and whatever. Donut wedding cakes are fun, simple and pretty awesome idea in my book.

Doughnut Wedding Cake


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Donut Wedding Cake


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Wedding Donut Cake


Cheesecake Wedding Cake Ideas

Cheese wedding cakes is the hottest trend for wedding cakes, which is why across the world a lot of people prefer this wedding cake to traditional cakes. Cheese cakes are the best alternative to fruitcake more so when you also adore cheese.

Wedding Cheese Cake

cheese with herb cake

Cheese Cake Wedding

cheese cake

Grooms Wedding Cakes

Grooms wedding cakes are very popular in the United States, specifically in the southeastern America. Grooms cake tradition started during the Victorian era, wherein the first cake was a dense and heavy fruit cake. The tradition requires the groom to cut a small piece, and then placed the piece into a small box to be given to the unmarried guests. The cake according to old age custom must be put under the pillow so the unmarried woman can find a husband.

The grooms’ cake after many years became a flour cake, either a chocolate or white cake, and during the mid century, the cake is placed at the top of the bride cake. By the way, grooms cake did not originate in the United States but in England since it is a British tradition that has been simply forgotten.

Today, grooms cakes no longer given to unmarried women, but part of the wedding celebration either at the rehearsal dinner or at the reception. Furthermore, the groom cakes take a lot of shape as a football, helmet or whatever the man wants.

Chocolate Wedding Cake Ideas


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Beach Wedding Cake Ideas


Croquembouche Wedding Cake

Croquembouche or French cake is dessert often served in baptismal, first communion, and weddings. The cake is made of filled choux buns held together by a caramel and popular to couples looking for elegant, unusual, and interesting option to traditional wedding cake.


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