Are you having doubts? Marriage is a lifetime commitment so before you marry someone make sure it’s for the right reason as marrying for the wrong reason is bound to end in divorce. Keep in mind, a lot of people divorce after getting married simply because they marry for the bad reasons.

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It’s a sad fact that some people marry not because they are in love, but because the idea of marriage is fun or they believe getting married is the perfect solution to their problem. In fact, marrying someone other than for love is a bad idea as you are committing to a lifetime of unhappiness.

So, if you have doubts because you are marrying for a wrong reason, call off the wedding before it’s too late. Nowadays, getting married is expensive but divorcing is a lot costlier so think twice, thrice or many times before, you marry someone especially if your reason to marry is wrong.

Bad Reasons To Get Married

Bad Reasons to Marry

In case you have no idea if your decision to marry is right or wrong, here are bad reasons to get married.

1. Pregnancy

Getting knocked up by your lover is a very bad reason to get married, believe me. Rushing things before you are ready financially and emotionally is a disaster waiting to happen, especially if you are still young. Come to think of it! Young marriages almost always never ends up in a happy ending as one or both of the people involved not yet ready to be mommy or daddy.

2. To Please Parents

Marrying someone you hardly knew or don’t love at all just to make your parents happy is a bad reason to marry, no doubt about it. If you love your parents, stay true to your feelings, marry the right person, and not marry the wrong person.

3. To Make A Point

It is foolish to marry just to prove a point or that you are straight. You will not just hurt yourself, but also the person you are marrying for a bad reason. Forgot about what other people say as you owe it to yourself to marry someone you love and not because you are afraid to let the whole world know of your true sexual preference.

Marry Wrong Person

4. Marry For The Sake Of Children

It is simply not a good reason to marry just for the sake of giving your child two parents. These days, single parent is fine as long as you provide your child needs until the right person comes along.

5. For Financial Gain or Help A Friend

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Marrying someone for money or worse to get a visa is not just bad reason to marry but also a crime and definitely not worth the risk if you ask me.

6. Get Out of Financial Turmoil

It does not matter how rich the person you are marrying if he or she is not the right person for you as marriage is not a joke or a way out of debt. Plus, you can work to pay off your debt, but you can never force yourself to be happy with someone you don’t love and you just married for bad reasons.

Bad Reasons

7. To Leave Your Parents

A lot of kids nowadays consider marriage as a solution to get out of their parents house. But what they do not realize is that marrying for bad reasons can trap them for life, maybe worse than staying in a parents house.

So, if you can’t stand the heat at home, do not marry just move out.

8. Its Sensible

If you think staying together for a long time, enough reason to get married, think again. There is no sensible reason to marry a person you are not 100% sure, especially just because it’s ok, or it is the most practical thing to do as you have been dating for 5 or 10 years.

9. Peer Pressure

Marriage is sacred and expensive so forget it if your only marrying because of peer pressure. Do not let your friends and relatives push you into a bad marriage just because you are the only single left in the group or family.

10. For the Sake of Baby

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So, you love to have a baby, and it’s the reason why you’re getting married… well, my friend think again, a baby is great, but you should never marry if it’s the reason since you can never be completely happy.

Marrying for money, fame, and pleasure cannot guarantee happiness, but marrying for the right reason like love is priceless and can last forever.



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