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Travel Safety Tips

March 21, 2013 cathy 0

Travel is one of life’s pleasures, aside from sex and good food. Going to beautiful places, trying out new things, and meeting new people are […]

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Amazing Hotels

March 15, 2013 cathy 0

Do you want to make your vacation even more unforgettable? Well, staying in one of the amazing hotels across the globe can certainly make your […]

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World s Most Dangerous Roads

February 25, 2013 cathy 0

Every year, millions of people die from a traffic accident. Unfortunately, many of these deaths are due to poor road condition and bad driving.  In […]

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Filipino Eating Habits

February 23, 2013 cathy 0

Filipinos is known throughout the world for being family oriented, hospitable, friendly, and for their endearing traits. Yes! The Filipinos have so many habits that […]

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Travel Tips To Save Money

February 22, 2013 cathy 0

 Going on a holiday, whether overseas or not is very expensive simply because of the three unavoidable travel expenditures namely your lodging, transportation and food. […]

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Worst Prisons in The World

February 19, 2013 cathy 0

Prisons are supposed to be a place for rehabilitation, keeping hardens criminals lock up forever to prevent them from continuing their criminal activities. But many […]