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Halloween Decoration Ideas

September 19, 2013 cathy 0

Halloween is not an official holiday in America, but it did not stop people from celebrating halloween with a bang, maybe because the day is […]

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Durga Puja Festival

September 16, 2013 cathy 0

Durga Puja is one of the most important religious festivals in India. The ceremonial worship of Hindu goddess Maa Durga is an occasion for rejuvenation, […]

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Halloween Safety Tips

September 15, 2013 cathy 0

Halloween for many kids is an exciting time and there excitement to observe the Halloween traditions can make them careless. And being lackadaisical can make […]

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Popular Indian Festivals

September 14, 2013 cathy 0

Are you planning to visit India for a holiday? India is a highly spiritual country, probably why festivals are at the heart of everyone who […]

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Halloween Recipes For Parties

September 12, 2013 cathy 0

Halloween is a big deal for many household in America and other countries that celebrate the Halloween festival. Many people loved the Halloween holiday because […]