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Nail Design Ideas

May 20, 2013 cathy 0

Are you wondering about the latest nail design trend? Nowadays, nails are no longer colored with just about anything as nails decorated with unique patterns […]

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Flores De Mayo

May 19, 2013 cathy 0

Are you wondering about why during the month of May there are Santacruzan in different cities and towns across the country? The month of May […]

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10 Filipino Dessert Recipes

May 13, 2013 cathy 0

Are you craving for something sweet and delicious? Or interested in Filipino desserts? Dessert is the last part of the course meal, and certainly the […]

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Internet Safety For Kids

May 12, 2013 cathy 0

The World Wide Web is the gateway of information as you can easily find anything you wish to know about someone or something, probably why […]

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Best Filipino Recipes

May 7, 2013 cathy 0

Filipino love for good food is obvious as many Filipino ¬†cook delicious dishes at home. Although Philippine dishes are not as popular as the Vietnamese […]