Chopsuey Recipe

January 16, 2015 cathy 0

Looking for pinoy chopsuey recipe? Chop suey or chopsuey is a vegetable dish with chicken or pork meat. This dish is very popular in the […]

Recipe For Leche Flan

January 6, 2015 cathy 0

Leche flan is a popular dessert in the Philippines. A lot of families served leche flan on birthdays, Christmas and other special occasion. Last December […]

Tonkatsu Recipe

January 5, 2015 cathy 0

Tonkatsu is a western style Japanese food. It is made of pork meat, breaded with egg, flour and bread crumbs then deep fried. Tonkatsu is […]

Pork Roulade Recipe

January 4, 2015 cathy 0

Pork roulade is a simple dish. This dish is easy to prepare as you just need to roll the thin sheet of meat around a […]

Christmas Dinner Ideas

December 15, 2014 cathy 0

Christmas day is getting nearer and nearer each day so it’s time to start planning your Christmas dinner. This year, you can make Christmas dinner […]

Christmas Cookie Recipes

December 13, 2014 cathy 0

Looking for Christmas cookie recipes? I recently bought a new oven so I can bake cookies for christmas. In US and other countries, baking cookies […]